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Previously Unpublished – Boardwalk at Dusk

Weko Beach boardwalk at dusk Bridgman Michigan

Previously Unpublished image from a wandering at Weko Beach, Bridgman, Michigan, spring 2006. Hoping for a dramatic sunset I arrived for a calm, overcast dusk and low key images along the boardwalk.

Specs: Trusty Nikon D70, Program exposure mode decided on 1/30th second exposure at f/7.1, my how my shooting experience has changed since learning to shoot in manual mode. Filtered with VSCOcam & Instagram.


Film Flashback Friday – Cross Processed Dandelion

Dandelion Cross-processed Slide Film

After picking up a shiny new 6-megapixel digital SLR in 2004 I found myself using less film. Make that near no film at all. I had done my homework, invested in a camera brand / system that offered lenses compatible with my 35mm film equipment as well as the newest digital camera bodies. Experimenting in […]

Film Flashback Friday – Dancing in Beijing, 1998

Dancers in Beijing, China, 1998

My late teens and early twenties were a blur of travels and my blurry film photography thereof. In 1998 I found myself visiting Beijing, China. I flipped through the photo album last week, searching for some previously unpublished image to upload, and found this photo tucked away, almost forgotten. It comes from a time when […]

Throwback Thursday – Zoo Safari Wedding 2005

Safari wedding newlyweds Fort Wayne Children's Zoo

Earlier this week I posted on my social media feeds a link to something new to me – Flash Weddings. I’m a fan of nontraditional, offbeat wedding day celebrations that incorporate elements of the newlyweds’ interests, back story, and dreams into the day’s festivities. This wedding was the first such “offbeat” ceremony I photographed for […]

Tracy and Andrew – Seven Seven OH! Seven Revisited

Century Center Wedding Reception Newlyweds Staircase

On a day equally hot as today in July 7 years ago I joined Tracy and Andrew for one of my favorite celebrations of 2007. It was a day brimming with smiles, laughs, and humor that spanned from start at Holy Cross Church to the finish in the wee hours the following day at the […]

Film Flashback Friday – Garage Sill Flower 1995

1995 garage window flower 35mm photo

Happy accidents were a major part of my early film photography adventures. Using manual-focus and manual exposure 35mm SLR (single lens reflex) cameras and lenses in changing lighting conditions, focus, and a 15-year-old’s attention span resulted in more than a few unfocused, under- or over-exposed, or otherwise just “off” frames of film. Hours, days, sometimes […]

Lake Michigan Engagement Session – Jami and Nick

Lake Michigan Silver Beach pier sunset engagement portrait

BONUS: Mutual Weirdness (or outtakes) While I’d love to gloss on and on in poetic ways about the love filling the air like seagulls fluttering with eager expectation above a parking lot full of shiny cars… bad example… Jami & Nick have a mutual weirdness I can appreciate, as well as photograph. This is a […]

Sunset Sweetness – Lake Michigan Engagement Portraits

Lake Michigan engagement portraits sunset

I couldn’t pick just one favorite from this sequence of snaps from Jami & Nick’s Silver Beach engagement session so… it’s a triple-decker post for a rainy Wednesday. Check out more of my favorite sessions along Lake Michigan here.  

Saint Joseph, Michigan Lighthouse Engagement Portrait Joyness

saint joseph michigan lighthouse engagement portrait couple cliche

Nick and Jami share their joy and excitement and joyness of taking all sorts of cutest couple engagement portraits! I managed a few standard cliche posed normal usual expected nice photos too. Instead of being so cliche it hurt, we laughed until it hurt. Often. And for that I thank you! Many more photos ahead. […]

May the Fourth – Bridal Party Portraits

Star Wars Wedding Portraits with Light sabers

Disclaimer: Completely biased opinions and geekery expressed below. Space hair, don’t care. Anakin’s gauntlet… duck face? The newlyweds find your lack of Vadering portraits disturbing. Bridesmaids (the humans, and possibly a rip off the movie poster poses too) The Groomsmen Breakfast Club Nary a Star Wars Day is complete without light sabers! BONUS: photobomber Phil […]