Partying at the Palais

Saturday I joined 3 fellow photographers to snap away and celebrate Rachel & Ivan’s wedding celebration at the Palais Royale ballroom in downtown South Bend. While working with Matthew from Zeta Alpha Studios on what was undoubtedly the biggest and busiest wedding day shoot of the year for all 4 of us was also probably the most fun I’ve had behind the scenes hanging out with Ivan and the guys. What a riot.

Palais Royale Wedding Photography by EB Photography

Here’s one of my favorite photos from the ceremony, and the reason I keep a fisheye lens within reach for these wide shots of the celebration.
Ivan gets ready to party at the Palais

Ivan’s pumped up for the big day!

Ivan and the South city skyline

Ivan and the South Bend Skyline

Rachel & Ivan\'s first glimpses at the Palais Royale

Rachel and Ivan’s first glimpses of each other at the Palais Royale ballroom

Quiet moments at the Morris Auditorium balcony

Quiet moments with the couple in the Morris Auditorium foyer before the ceremony
(huge thanks to their event director for the hookup!)

Ivan & Rachel in the Morris Auditorium Foyer Balcony

Rachel & Ivan in the foyer balcony

Some of the coolest guest favors - custom tickets!

Super cool guest favors – custom tickets!

Introducing the newlyweds

Introducing the newlyweds!

Ah the Palais in springtime

Ah the Palais in springtime! Thanks Rachel, Ivan and everyone there for all the fun last weekend!

One lovely eve with the Ugly Mugs

Some GREAT music tonight from Jess Strantz, Elliot Evans, Oh Donahue, and Etna Green. I met some photographer, visual and musical artist friends there for a nice time relaxing and NOT running a show like last weekend’s show at the Underground Cafe. It’s a nice perspective and a huge relaxation when it’s well mixed and illuminated and my event ADHD doesn’t feel the need to help tune things up. Two thumbs up to the Ugly Mugs crew who put together tonight’s show!

I was seriously surprised by the well-planned stage and performance setup at Ugly Mugs. Talking with Devin, the assistant events coordinator, he told me the place was planned out by musicians so it would look and sound great. It did both for all who played from the stage. From both a photographer AND a concert production director’s perspective… HUGE A+ to you guys for that effort up front.

I didn’t snap many photos but I love hearing live music, checking out new places, and shooting ambient light for practice. (The 85mm lens is going to be seeing a lot of snaps at tomorrow’s wedding!)

Etna Green at Ugly Mugs Cafe

Etna Green at Ugly Mugs, South Bend, Indiana

Reflection in Triptych

Good night and GREAT job to the talent that performed tonight! It was worth working on tax paperwork all afternoon with 70˚ temps outside just to “finish my homework” and get out to hear you all play.

Sick and sick of feeling like it

Got home from the Underground Cafe’s sweet show with Darkroom, Jess Strantz, and Bradley Hathaway and… after 12 hours of show work I was beat. I was also feeling pretty sick. Gross. Watch out for the cooties, they’re out there.

Germ on the loose

Photos soon!

(FaceBook readers, check the “original post” link to see the illustration if it’s not showing up)

Finally some outdoor exercise!

Man I’ve been waiting for spring for ages. With lots of office work to do and one adorable baby Adrian to help take care of at home, it’s been tough to get out to walk around on the few nice days we had up till now.

So today I walked a good 3 miles round trip toward town to Staples to drop some eBay sales off for shipping. It felt great to trek some sidewalk and get some fresh spring air too.

Within an hour of my return from the stroll Justin came over with chocolate cake and caramel swirl ice cream to totally negate the exercise I just finished. Luckily I took a BEFORE photo in case there was a run in with chocolate this weekend.

Get out there and get some air, you’ll love it!

Skinny Eric, 150lbs!

35 pounds off and WITHOUT SUBWAY! Take that, Jared.

(Oh, and this photo has the chin… walnut thing – what is that called? – that Adrian acquired. Any guesses from when this was taken?)

Lightroom 2 BETA, no April joke

Gotcha. One of my new favorite photo reads, the Strobist, had me pondering overclocking a speedlight (flash) – which I tried once before realizing I was still awake really late and it was now the first of April. Dohf!

Similarly tonight / this morning I got wind that Adobe has released Lightroom 2 in beta. I checked the date, then clicked over to see what was cooking. No April 2nd jokes here!

Adobe Lightroom 2.0 BETA announced!

Certainly worth a try! I started using LR in beta when it was first available, and even while the beta bugs were being worked out I really liked the setup. We picked up a full version as soon as it was ready and have been running with it ever since. Lots of goodies but it’s best to pick them off the Lightroom site itself – so check it out!

Geeking out.

Jess Strantz at Borders

I have some pretty amazing friends. Some carry cameras, some carry paper and pen, some carry vinyl, others carry instruments, all carry their own art forms in some way. It’s an expressive collection of companions I keep.

Last weekend I caught up with one such creative pal, Jess Strantz. She played some acoustic and a handful of piano songs of hers over at Borders Bookstore in Mishawaka. Such a refreshing sound, lively, chill, excellent all around. As usual I brought a camera along to snap some photos off the clock. It helps me keep sharp shooting in available light and I got to snap with the 85mm f1.8 lens, a new favorite! Even though I was just shooting for low light practice and for my own use at a similar gathering years back, I actually met some very cool musicians and ended up shooting weddings for 3 of the bandmates after snapping some available light photos of their set and sharing the shots afterward.

Jess Strantz at Borders Bookstore

Drop me a line for your live performance & promotional photography!

Easter last weekend

Easter family comp

Easter 2008 Bu Kids

I didn’t say much about it when it was here, but Easter came to mind now that my sis is back in Missouri and it seems like things have slowed down here at the Bu home.

I spent most of the Saturday before Easter at the blue lake cottage where my dad’s family has met for holidays, birthdays and laughs ever since I can remember. It’s across from a camp that had a spooky old house we always told each other was haunted when we tried to scare our siblings and cousins.

I talked with my older, now 30-something cousins about all the topics that usually disrupt family gatherings – religion, politics, war, and taxes. And it turns out it was one of the best times ever talking about grown up things till 11:30 at night before we noticed the clock and headed home.

I no longer hold a seat at the kid table, and not because I’m soon 28. Most gatherings my cousins and I call seats at the “kid table” but with the eldest 3 cousins present with their kids I finally realized a little how we’ve all grown up a bit, and that we’ve all made some outright adorable kids. We’ve restocked the kid table with 6 great grandchildren that Grandma had a blast seeing all together. It felt like Christmas cheer everywhere with all the kids laughing and playing together. That’s the best way to describe it. Grandma didn’t want to go home till late and even my cousins from Chicago waited till near midnight to drive home to the Windy City.

Nothing better than good fun with family.

Summer Newlyweds by Holga

Last summer I picked up the classically cheap and funky photo making Holga camera as part of my creative escape from the immediacy and trigger happy shooting of digital photography. The Holga has become a quick low tech favorite of mine, and I’ve had some pretty cool candid snaps printed from some of our summer weddings. One of my favorites is… this one!

Holga Wedding Photography: Tara & Dwight by EB Photography

This outdoor wedding day was not only a fantastic celebration but a perfect day for Holga photos. I snapped 3 candid frames and especially liked the way this one came out. A high-res scan of it made it into the album too.

Check out that classic plastic lens Holga look – semi-sharp center and wonderfully “soft focused” and vignetted edges – all in camera! All that from medium format film from the mid 1990s – not too shabby!

Add this low-fi look to your photo arsenal! Pick up a Holga on eBay or Amazon. If you like what you’ve read here, buying through these links drops some change in the photo supplies jar. Thanks!