week of the geek, birthday of…

Unbeknown to me (what a fun word, unbeknown) today was the “birthday” of some of the most used software in my line of work. February 19th rolls around with the anniversaries of version 1.0 of Photoshop (1990), Camera Raw (2003) and last year one of my personal favorite Adobe apps, LightRoom. It’s moreso the date that the ground breaking apps shipped but we just finished cheery pie and ice cream at home so it feels like a birthday.

Adobe birthdays on Feb 19th

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Best Superbowl EVER

Newborn snuggle hand hold

There was a football game today? I heard either the last minutes or the highlights reel while I walked to the nurse’s station and remembered it was both Sunday and the day of the big game. I saw a few friends had posted bulletins about the game but I didn’t mind missing it. It was a busy week and we have the best reason to ignore TV – Adrian awake and looking around.

Adrian spent the whole day with us. He slept (or pretended to sleep, daddy’s special talent) during most of the family and friends visiting and woke up ready to eat and wiggle after everyone left. With his big bright eyes looking around who needed TV?

My baby loves being snuggled and is as healthy as he is adorable.

When he looks up into my eyes… everything stops. I have no words for the pride, awe, joy and love he stirs in my heart.

 Baby Adrian Snuggling Mom

new year by the numbers

A late entry to the New Years greetings list:

New years glasses

Reminds me of 2002 when I celebrated a New Year three times in three countries. It started off in Hometown, USA on January 1st. I got to spend an evening of games, laughs, and good times with a handful of friends I haven’t seen much of since we all went our own ways, traveled, deployed, or life got too busy.

Next celebration was in Beijing, China in early February after a couple of weeks of teaching English at a school camp. It was right around the day that I got to walk around on a stretch of the Great Wall, pretty amazing sights. Fireworks at New Years is nothing new nor quiet over there. Plus, dumplings to celebrate the festivities. They’ve really got something going there… mmm.

Lastly, and likely my most favorite New Years of all, SONGKRAN water festival in mid April in Thailand. In Indiana and Beijing it was winter and frigid but in Thailand it was up to 105˚ F each day this time of the year. Imagine dousing and being drenched by total strangers while walking to the store, to work, or sitting on the bus. How about a pickup truck with barrels of ice water in the back pulling up along side your open-side bus and someone throwing freezing cold water on you? Imagine being a foreigner and being one up on the neighbor kids and getting them first. :o) Man I miss being in Thailand.

Looking back that was a crazy year and it needed at least three celebrations.

Wherever and whenever you celebrate it and however you number it,


Warsaw Wedding Photography – Congrats Meghan and Jon!

Wedding Couple walking in park

What a toasty weekend we shared with Meghan & Jon in Warsaw! Here are a couple of my favorites so far…
bride and groom casual portrait ideas

This was the perfect summer weekend for sunshine! We started off at the park with Meghan and Jon before all the formal portraits at the church. They withstood the summer heat and came back with some great outdoor photos.

bride groom hackysack footbag

And when you pass friends playing hacky sack in the park, you jump right in! These two tore it up.

bride and groom casual portrait ideas

wedding ceremony fisheye lens shot down the aisle

bride groom wedding portrait silhouette

just married newlyweds showing off ring bling

newlywed candid backlit portraits

newlyweds birdseed exit

Behold the dangers of giving your friends, family and guests bird seed to throw when you make your exit…

wedding reception first dance parasols

I absolutely loved the paper parasols above the checkered dance floor! I don’t know if it was done with the photography in mind but it made for great soft light, excellent textures and patterns, and a unique look throughout the reception. My compliments to the creative forces behind this idea!

wedding-reception dance party

Contact me to have me tell your wedding day story!

familiar f-word… film!

Expired medium format 120 roll film boxes

film flower

I love eBay shopping. Random, unpredictable, spontaneous, competitive shopping. After getting a gem of a low tech camera – the Holga – I looked around on eBay for expired film. Wacky color shifts and even more unpredictable photo outcome. Here’s a sampling of the slide and print film from the mid 1990s that should have some fun outcome!

Want to shoot some old film in a cheap plastic camera too? Pick up a Holga on eBay or Amazon. If you like what you’ve read here, buying through these links drops some change in the photo supplies jar. Thanks!

in with the new!

After years of various online journals, a few choppy web sites of travel photos and stories from the road… I finally got one to integrate with my eBphotography.com site! I’ll be posting updates, announcements, and loads of your favorite photos here!