Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day

Pinhole Cookie Tin Camera

The last Sunday in April is a fun day in photography and experimentation celebrating Worldwide Pinhole Photography Day. (It’s new to me, too, but now it’s on the calendar!)

My first pinhole image was a “shot in the dark” completely guessed exposure of “a few minutes.” I used expired photo paper I got in a darkroom kit sale last summer. The paper was in a darkroom paper safe storage container but even I opened it in daylight at the garage sale to see what was in it. (For shame!) The darkroom kit had been stored in a barn or an old musty basement. All this to say – it’s not an exact science and this DIY fun can make a mess of your best intentions to calculate precise exposures!

Great way to just go shoot and not stress the details.

Pinhole Cookie Tin Camera
Homemade DIY Pinhole Camera from a cookie tin and old darkroom photo paper
Diving Board Pinhole Photograph Negative
Cookie tin canister pinhole test, pool diving board, unknown photo paper
Diving Board Pinhole Image Positive
Diving Board Pinhole Image Positive – Cookie tin canister pinhole camera test

More info here at – enjoy!

Join in!

Pick up some new darkroom photo paper here or embrace the strange and take your chances with secondhand papers here!

World Photo Day 2015 Specials

World Photo Day Specials

I hope you had a great World Photo Day snapping away with your favorite picture-making devices!

This special has expired, but the sample albums shown are always available to bring your favorite images together into a memorable keepsake. Book me for your next shoot here.

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Check out more about World Photo Day and happy snapping! -eB


Sample 8x8 Square Engagement Photo Album
1940s themed engagement portrait shoot album
Accordion Portrait Sample Album
Accordion Portrait Sample Album Unfolded


First Friday Fashion (fail) Contest

Makeshift fashion shoot contest idea shots

First Friday Fashion Fail contest images

Last Friday, September 2nd, I set up shop downtown at Generic & invited shoppers to put together a favorite outfit of their best style (or worst, depending on fashion taste) and model it for a mini-session. The results were no less crazy than I expected.

UPDATED: Contest has closed, thanks to everyone who came out for a shoot & everyone who voted!ย The photo with the most votes won the model a full photo shoot!

Keep an eye out on my Facebook page for more contests & shoot specials ahead! -eB

The system is/was down

Homestarrunner 404 page 2009

404 homestar'd

UPDATE! In 2009 a minor internet inconvenience occurred and I wrote about it. Seems there was some widespread web router problem that blocked a large percentage of DSL customers from viewing my website for a good portion of a day. It was a good reminder to make regular backups of my work.

To celebrate being visible again, see my favorite version of the system being down to a techno beat as sung by StrongBad.

EB Photography on!

Just before finishing packing up for a Saturday shoot I ran across a news feed to find that an article I posted was featured on! (That’s Do-It-Yourself Photography, for the record.)

I mentioned the power adapter splitter dubbed “SuperSquid” a little while back here. I was thrilled to see it featured on the home page as well as added to travel tips on

Ok, off to bed. Just wanted to share the excitement.

New photographic modification project coming next week! Be on the lookout!

Do It Yourself Photography

Monday Makeshfit Mayhem – the SuperSquid

Super Squid battery charger cable splitter modification project

Introducing the SuperSquid. ๐Ÿ™‚ Location photographer’s battery charging helper.

On location photography shoots I usually run into the need for several chargers and very few power outlets. Other times I’ve packed the camera bags and forgotten the second, identical charger cable thinking it was already in the bag.

Camera battery charger mess

2 DSLR body battery chargers that use the same cable, 1 AA charger that needs a wall outlet…. hmm..

SuperSquid completed!

Tada! A splitter for camera AND flash battery chargers on ONE PLUG! (Informercial audience “oooh” here) The finished cable takes up as little or LESS ROOM than a standard AC charger cord.

Feeling brave or wanting to see if you still like a little jolt from the wall outlet? Check out the Instructable Do-It-Yourself Page HERE or do it the easy way and pick one up below.

New Camera Test Photos – Nikon D300

Nikon D300 test shot

Yep, the Nikon D300 passed the test – it can capture baby cuteness.

Rainy mornings are perfect for baby snuggles and photos.
Calm morning crawl and cuddles

Why yes, I am this cute in person!
Why yes, I am this cute in person

Our little camera ham ๐Ÿ™‚
our little camera ham

He’s not only accustomed to having a camera in front of him but I’m pretty sure he loves being in front of the camera too.
Baby loves the Nikon D300 too

CLASSIC silly expression!
Classic silly expression

All cuteness photographed under window light with Nikon D300, MB-D10 vertical grip, Nikon 50mm f/1.4D lens, and one amazing son Adrian.

How do you see it?

This came across the wire on my daily quotes of the iGoogle homepage. Something to think about.

Too many people are thinking of security instead of opportunity.
They seem more afraid of life than death.
– James F. Byrnes

How do you see risks?