Love, sweat and tears

Love, sweat, and tears – these were the three main elements of this weekend’s wedding photography.

“The greatest of these,” to quote Saint Paul, “is love.”

Friday I joined Matt of Zeta-Alpha Studios (now Matthew Whitlock Photography) for one of the most joyfully tearful celebrations I’ve seen as Lauren and Joel celebrated their wedding at Saint Patrick’s Church here in South Bend. Before the ceremony I noticed all the little packages of tissues at both ends of every pew. Seven priests from neighboring churches and a completely full church joined the couple for a very warm Friday afternoon mass.

Joel and Lauren - joy through tears

Joel and Lauren - joy through tears

Joel and Lauren - joy through tears

Saturday I met Amanda and Justin for a walk down memory lane at Morris Farms in Niles.

The day was seamless and just flowed from one great moment to the next. I had a blast getting to hang out with Amanda and Justin at the engagement session, and knew the wedding day would be a continuation of the great time seeing them smile.

Justin and the guys get ready

Amanda gets ready

Amanda and her parents greet Justin at the altar

Amanda and Justin meeting at the front of the old meeting house. The white walls and benches scattered the afternoon sunlight beautifully and the wooden room had an excellent resonance for the harp accompanying the ceremony.

Amanda and Justin at the altar

Justin and Amanda with the vintage Caddilac

Newlyweds and the classic black Cadillac that surprised them after the ceremony!

Justin and Amanda share a kiss before heading to the reception

River RAINBOW! Last weekend I was without camera when I saw a bright double rainbow, but this rainbow couldn’t have been better aligned to be photographed. It appeared over the river right behind the newlyweds at the head table!

A wedding day rainbow at the reception

Click on any of Amanda & Justin’s photos or CLICK HERE to see the instant favorites from their wedding day. Congrats again, Newlyweds!

the Kiddo crawls!

Before the afternoon humidity set in I was walking around the house opening windows to let the nice breeze circulate when I got inspired to decorate. Ok, just to put up the top frilly part over the curtains in the baby room. It’s as close to decorating as I get for now.

I brought Adrian upstairs to play in his crib while I looked for the hardware and put up the curtain rod. He has been really gabby today, cooing all sorts of stories to me. There’s a lot that he has to say at 4 months old!

I finished up and went downstairs to turn on the central air and now close the windows I opened earlier in the day. (As long as I’m the one making more work for myself I tend to mind it less.) When I got back upstairs Adrian had rolled over and was crawling around in the crib. Not high speed or anything but enough that he was on the other side of the bed on hands and knees, still cooing.

I moved him back so he could crawl the length of the crib and grabbed a camera before he got too far along.

A little help, please?

Here I come!

You’re gonna blog this… aren’t you?

He just melts our hearts with that smile. 🙂 Enjoy the crawlin antics!

Easter last weekend

Easter 2008 Bu Kids

I didn’t say much about it when it was here, but Easter came to mind now that my sis is back in Missouri and it seems like things have slowed down here at the Bu home.

I spent most of the Saturday before Easter at the blue lake cottage where my dad’s family has met for holidays, birthdays and laughs ever since I can remember. It’s across from a camp that had a spooky old house we always told each other was haunted when we tried to scare our siblings and cousins.

I talked with my older, now 30-something cousins about all the topics that usually disrupt family gatherings – religion, politics, war, and taxes. And it turns out it was one of the best times ever talking about grown up things till 11:30 at night before we noticed the clock and headed home.

I no longer hold a seat at the kid table, and not because I’m soon 28. Most gatherings my cousins and I call seats at the “kid table” but with the eldest 3 cousins present with their kids I finally realized a little how we’ve all grown up a bit, and that we’ve all made some outright adorable kids. We’ve restocked the kid table with 6 great grandchildren that Grandma had a blast seeing all together. It felt like Christmas cheer everywhere with all the kids laughing and playing together. That’s the best way to describe it. Grandma didn’t want to go home till late and even my cousins from Chicago waited till near midnight to drive home to the Windy City.

Nothing better than good fun with family.

Best Superbowl EVER

There was a football game today? I heard either the last minutes or the highlights reel while I walked to the nurse’s station and remembered it was both Sunday and the day of the big game. I saw a few friends had posted bulletins about the game but I didn’t mind missing it. It was a busy week and we have the best reason to ignore TV – Adrian awake and looking around.

Adrian spent the whole day with us. He slept (or pretended to sleep, daddy’s special talent) during most of the family and friends visiting and woke up ready to eat and wiggle after everyone left. With his big bright eyes looking around who needed TV?

My baby loves being snuggled and is as healthy as he is adorable.

When he looks up into my eyes… everything stops. I have no words for the pride, awe, joy and love he stirs in my heart.

 Baby Adrian Snuggling Mom

familiar f-word… film!

film flower

I love eBay shopping. Random, unpredictable, spontaneous, competitive shopping. After getting a gem of a low tech camera – the Holga – I looked around on eBay for expired film. Wacky color shifts and even more unpredictable photo outcome. Here’s a sampling of the slide and print film from the mid 1990s that should have some fun outcome!

Want to shoot some old film in a cheap plastic camera too? Pick up a Holga on eBay or Amazon. If you like what you’ve read here, buying through these links drops some change in the photo supplies jar. Thanks!

in with the new!

After years of various online journals, a few choppy web sites of travel photos and stories from the road… I finally got one to integrate with my site! I’ll be posting updates, announcements, and loads of your favorite photos here!