Baby Teeth

I wish it was as easy as this.


That’s right, baby Adrian’s working on some chompers.

Wake up and dream

Finally! Going to bed early (read: around midnight) feels like rest when I woke up about five hours later. I woke up to hear Adrian making his “I’m stuck again” fuss sounds from the other room. Knowing how much I toss and turn in my sleep, and how eager he is to get crawling, I figured he had rolled or crawled into a corner. He had an arm sticking through the rails and wasn’t all the way awake to roll the other direction away from the rails. Secretly I think he was and just wanted a daddy hug.He got his hug and some mommy cuddles with his breakfast in bed.

While checking messages as the coffee brewed I read my friend Jon’s post that fit today’s early start perfectly. Creative work in spurts. I think it’s a similar reason why if I get up before sunrise I can’t seem to go back to sleep. Last month we had two weekends of late Friday shoots and early Saturday morning salon starts, and I woke up energized both Saturdays. Energized while not getting much sleep and still waking up early. Creative adrenaline.

So now that you’re up, what gets you going with creativity? What wakes you up and you can’t wait to start doing, thinking, reading?

Fourth of July Fireworks

It’s been a few years since I last photographed fireworks and I wanted to give it a shot this year so I took a tripod with me on our excursion to Small Town, USA to celebrate the Fourth with extended family. Although Adrian wasn’t having too much fun with all the carnival ride noise before the show started, once he saw the colors light up the sky he was mesmerized. Once I saw he was sitting wide eyed at the fireworks I grabbed a camera and started tinkering with long exposures. Here’s a favorite from my efforts. 🙂

Fireworks and the Flag

There was just enough of a breeze to wave the grand old flag in the foreground. The fireworks show was the perfect end to a great day out with family & friends.

Hope you’ve enjoyed your 4th of July weekend too!

Favorites from the Fourth

We hope everyone has enjoyed a great Independence Day! We had a fun time celebrating with family and Adrian loved his first fireworks show. Here are an instant favorites from our rather un-camera-shy little guy with his Dadda.

Baby Laughter

Adrian’s Five Months!

Today Adrian’s five months old, a very wiggly and very vocal five months old at that. Photos are from his great Grandma’s 95th birthday in late June. Who can resist a baby with a birthday hat!?

Great Grandma and Adrian

Aunt Sue and birthday girl Great Grandma with Adrian

Party People Adrian

Party Over Here!

Adrian and Grandpa Billy partying

Everybody Loves Cake!

Mmm cake!


Half an hour after our last of 3 shoots…

Double rainbow camera phone style

Double rainbow, contrasty sky, dramatic low sunlight beaming under a dark storm front. So what do I do? Send out the Nokia “camera” phone after 3 days on the Notre Dame campus with over 3,000 snaps from 3 Nikon digital SLRs and 7 fine lenses. No DSLR in reach, just a “camera phone” from the Starbucks patio. Such a snapshot suckerpunch. 🙂

In spite of the brilliant sky and no respectable camera in reach, it was a good time running into old friends and having coffee with another Eric. Thanks man. Good end to an awesome weekend.

More from the 3000 weekend photos NOT taken with the camera phone to come soon! We spent the weekend with some seriously awesome newlyweds and soonlyweds. Thanks Kim & Scott, Jaclyn & Tim!

Landon & Grant’s Baptism

I think the coolest part of my job is just being able to tell a story with the camera. Sunday I added a chapter in a story that started in 2003 when I began working with Troy at Ritz Camera Store. Over the 3 years of working there I made some great friends, and while reminiscing today realized it has been 2 years ago this month that the Mishawaka store closed.

Last December I caught up with Troy and his wife Michelle for some pregnancy photos as Michelle and Troy were expecting winter babies – yes, twins! Their sons, Landon and Grant, were born in January just a few weeks before my son Adrian arrived in February.

Sunday the boys were baptized at Saint Pius X church in Granger. What an exciting job to tell a family’s story and be part of this celebration for the newest little ones! At the family gathering afterward I had a great time visiting and catching up, sharing fatherhood stories, and introducing our kids to one another.

Landon & Grant's Baptism

Landon, Michelle, Troy and Grant

Landon & Grant


One lovely eve with the Ugly Mugs

Some GREAT music tonight from Jess Strantz, Elliot Evans, Oh Donahue, and Etna Green. I met some photographer, visual and musical artist friends there for a nice time relaxing and NOT running a show like last weekend’s show at the Underground Cafe. It’s a nice perspective and a huge relaxation when it’s well mixed and illuminated and my event ADHD doesn’t feel the need to help tune things up. Two thumbs up to the Ugly Mugs crew who put together tonight’s show!

I was seriously surprised by the well-planned stage and performance setup at Ugly Mugs. Talking with Devin, the assistant events coordinator, he told me the place was planned out by musicians so it would look and sound great. It did both for all who played from the stage. From both a photographer AND a concert production director’s perspective… HUGE A+ to you guys for that effort up front.

I didn’t snap many photos but I love hearing live music, checking out new places, and shooting ambient light for practice. (The 85mm lens is going to be seeing a lot of snaps at tomorrow’s wedding!)

Etna Green at Ugly Mugs Cafe

Etna Green at Ugly Mugs, South Bend, Indiana

Reflection in Triptych

Good night and GREAT job to the talent that performed tonight! It was worth working on tax paperwork all afternoon with 70˚ temps outside just to “finish my homework” and get out to hear you all play.