Home Office CFO Adrian – Creative Fun Officer

While finishing up some paperwork and scanning something for the Previously Unpublished category, my son Adrian dropped by to visit / play / shuffle through desk drawers. He loves seeing what miscellaneous hardware parts he can fit together with other parts, cameras, or his toys. “Hmm that gives me an idea!”

Home office toddler fun break with Adrian

Last night while rummaging the desk we discovered a real treat for playtime fun: sticky tack putty!

After demonstrating how it could be used Adrian decided it was more fun rolled into a ball. And from there that it should be flattened out. His imagination already in high gear, he ran out to get something. “George!” he shouted while running to the playroom. He came back with one of the Thomas the Tank Engine characters, George the Steamroller, to help with his brainstorm. I grabbed a camera almost as fast as he jumped back up to the desk!

Thomas the Train's friend Steamroller George versus sticky tack putty

Go George!

Steamroller George versus sticky tack putty

George (and Adrian) did it!

Steamroller George flattened the putty!

After an exhausting office playtime Adrian was ready to sleep, grabbed a blanket and laid down all by himself. I tucked him in and we called it a day, a very fun day all around! These little breaks for fun are some of the best parts of the home office work!

– –

Geek details: Shots made from top to bottom with iPhone 3G, wide shots with Nikon D700 at ISO1600 and Sigma 14mm F/2.8 lens wide open & hoping “closest subject” autofocus picked up the steamroller. Last shot with Nikon 105mm f/2.8 macro.

Think outisde the pouch

My son Adrian has a great imagination. Much of what goes through his toddler mind, aside from thwarting child safety devices and what to do with his near endless energy supply, involves things with wheels. Trains are on the top of that list.

The other day he got into of some of my spare camera pouches and came up with a new use for one of the Lowepro slip lock lens cases. I love seeing his imagination at work.

Lowepro sliplock camera case lens pouch

Free reminder from Adrian – think outside the pouch!

Day of Rest

My kids were snuggling up for a nap and one of those sweet, quiet moments that go by way too fast. It didn’t take me twice to think about grabbing a camera! Hope your Sunday is a restful, relaxing conclusion to the weekend! – Eric & the napping Maddie & Adrian

First Week of the New Year & Decade

The first week of the year and decade was, in a word, nonstop. Avalanche of snowfall in northern Indiana. Cabin fever. Car repair. More cabin fever. And lots of time with these two blue eyed kiddos. What better opportunity for a dad and photographer to spend time with and photograph two of his favorite people in the entire world?

Madeline’s eyes looked hazel when she was born but I’m pretty sure they’re staying blue like her big brother and her Mama’s eyes are. She was rather content to wiggle by herself a bit while I played with Adrian – a welcome break from wanting to be constantly picked up – so I let her stretch out on the turquoise blanket a friend knitted (crocheted?) for Adrian.

Adrian has always been my camera ham. He didn’t want to be left out and hopped right up into the chair when I got Maddie back to her crib. He was behaving so well and sitting still (at the same time no less!) I got Madeline to sit with him for some photos that have been favorites ever since. Two sets of blue eyes melted their father’s heart with a huge smile.

And just like that, they went back to playing. Madeline discussed with her older brother Adrian the finer points of taking extended naps. I think he listened, too, and Daddy got a few minutes to make phone calls while the kiddies slept. 😀

Beat the cabin fever – drop us a line or a call to set up a winter shoot for you, your family, your children or all of the above!

Adrian vs spaghetti

Yesterday I found out Adrian loves spaghetti after he grabbed a container of noodles and sauce off the table while dinner was cooking.

The “we both know I’m getting away with this once I smile” look – adorable and dangerous 😀


Good till the last drop


Adrian loves home cooking. Daddy agrees!


Who made this mess? Wasn’t me…


14 months and into everything – everything fun! I love my Adrian!

Baby and the blue balloon

This afternoon Adrian had a giggling blast with helium balloons we brought home from his first birthday party last weekend. It made me stop and think how strange and entertaining it must be for him to let go of something and see it go to the ceiling instead of the floor.

Indiana baby photos - Adrian and the balloon

High flying fun – Adrian and the balloon

Indiana baby photos - Adrian 12 months

Our big boy turned 1 year old last week!

Indiana baby photos - Adrian and the balloon

Almost got it!

Indiana baby photos - Adrian and the balloon

Peek a Bu

Give us a call or contact us to set up an in-home play session for lots of baby giggles and fun while your little bundle of joy has a blast! You’ll get lots and lots of photos as natural as the grins on their faces. 🙂 Besides, have you ever tried posing a baby?

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First Christmas

If you keep an eye on my FaceBook page, the biz FaceBook page or our business’ Myspace page you’ve already seen these favorite photos from Christmas Day. (Feel free to add us!)

Here’s a handful of favorites from our family’s first Christmas with Adrian. He loved playing with the boxes and paper more than most of the things that were inside the gifts. Who said joy has to be anything complicated, expensive, or obligated? This kid has it down plain and simple.

Christmas joy from a baby boy

Adrian and Eric decked out for Christmas
Adrian and Daddy decked out for Christmas
I've been good... mostly
I’ve been good… mostly
Adrian's first Christmas ornament
Adrian’s first Christmas Ornament

One of the coolest ideas for a first Christmas ornament I’ve ever seen. My sis Genna knew a painter at the local Farmer’s Market and used a photo my mom took from a phone and made the coolest baby ornament I’ve seen!

I posted the original photo in the Deedle Beetle post last month, and have to say I much prefer the sledding version for the ornament. 😀

Happy New Year this week!