Labor Day & Autumn on the Way

Early Autumn Sun Grass Backlight Nature Details

It’s Labor Day in the US and a busy Monday morning at the Bu household.

College football season’s here and with it my ideal autumn morning weather today – nice and cool and sunny, I’ve got my favorite hoodie sweatshirt on and a rather well-made coffee to start the week.

This weather always reminds me of autumn in Scandinavia when I spent a school year there from autumn 1999 to early summer 2000. My first experience living abroad, first away from home, cool weather, writing on paper, watercolor painting for a while even. A small fortune on film photography processing and postage. Walking and wandering. Coffee and the Swedish art / custom of fika. Warm clothes and wonderful gatherings with new friends.

Autumn makes me nostalgic for time in Sweden. I’ll get my head out of the clouds once I finish this coffee.

Fall portrait sessions

Fall portrait Session invitation

Indiana Michigan fall portrait sessions

You’re invited to pick a date and time of your choice for a great shoot with us! No pre-set backgrounds, banks of deer-in-the-headlight lighting, or giant number props, just location of your choice and an easygoing session!

Great time of year for . . .


Engagement (and Anniversaries!)

Trash the Dress

Family & Just Because Sessions

eB Photography

Congrats Ragan and Scott!

Fall wedding newlyweds portrait kiss

This last week and weekend was a whirlwind of fun with great couples!

Saturday we celebrated with Ragan and Scott to wrap up an awesome October. The day started off with the girls at Ancilla Domini Chapel on the campus of Ancilla College outside Plymouth, Indiana.

Ragan and Scott Breiter Wedding

Ragan and Scott Breiter Wedding

Scott getting ready – the guys were having a laugh warming up to roast him! Gotta have good laughs!

Ragan and Scott Breiter Wedding

Ragan and Scott Breiter Wedding

Ragan and her father ready to enter the chapel

Ragan and Scott Breiter Wedding

Scott when he first saw his bride

Ancilla Domini Chapel wedding groom


Ragan enters Ancilla Chapel

Ragan and Scott Breiter Wedding

I loved the architecture and ambiance – such an amazing chapel to photograph such a great couple!

Ragan and Scott Breiter Wedding

Newlyweds outside catching the best of the last October weekend.
(Technical note, I loved this shot with the 85mm lens wide open at f/1.8 – see how the grass and trees fall out of focus? Superb bokeh!)

Ancilla Domini Chapel wedding couple on capmus

Second version of it – the newlywed fall portrait
(50mm wide open at f/1.8 also has a painterly look to the background)

Ragan and Scott Breiter Wedding

Newlyweds outside Ancilla Domini Chapel

Ancilla Domini Chapel wedding doorway

Just married! Off to the celebration!

Limo Leaving Ancilla College - Ragan and Scott Breiter Wedding

Congrats again, Ragan and Scott!

Sweetest Weekend – Wine Cellar Engagement Portarit Session – Nicole and Scott

wine cellar engagement portraits staircaseMy weekend of awesome couples in Grand Rapids, Michigan concluded with a perfect afternoon Engagement Session with Nicole and Scott at Scott’s family’s restaurant – Noto’s Old World Italian.

If my incredible wedding Saturday wasn’t enough to make me want to visit Grand Rapids again, spending an afternoon with the Noto family and seeing their breathtaking restaurant me consider relocating north. 🙂 I’m convinced I was spoiled to have perfect weather, two amazing couples and such fantastic celebrations to photograph.

The restaurant is rich with family history, and is an exceptionally special place for Nicole and Scott. It was an amazing honor to photograph these November newlyweds in the very spot where their engagement and wedding story began after Scott’s proposal during dinner in the wine cellar.

wine cellar engagement portraits candles

wine cellar engagement portraits with old bricks

wine cellar engagement portraits brick arches

wine cellar engagement portraits vino

Thanks again to Nicole and Scott and the Noto family for the laughs, conversation and hospitality during our photo session. We look forward to celebrating with you soon in November!

Tell the opening chapter to your wedding day love story with an Engagement Session that’s part of YOUR story. Locations, details, creative ideas – contact me here to have me tell your story.

Sweetest Weekend – Jaclyn and Tim

Saturday was Sweetest Day, and it was the kickoff of my Sweetest Weekend of celebrations.

It was by far sweetest day for a wedding celebration for Jaclyn and Tim! We started at the salon, went to the church, put the guys aboard ship, the Newlyweds were married, walked on to old stones, were off to the Lake, wobbled out into the water, then out to the Woods, danced up a storm, played out in traffic, hopped in a pedicab, over the bridge and back to the Bob. Recollecting the day’s story was like jumping into a sidewalk chalk drawing with Mary Poppins! If nothing else it showed how there’s always a great photo around each corner when you let loose and go with spontaneous creativity.

Jaclyn and Tim VanOeffelen!

Thanks again, Jaclyn ad Tim, for inviting me to share this incredible day (and weekend!) with you two, your terrific friends and welcoming families!