Maternity Portrait Session Preview – Sarah and Phil

maternity portrait couple black and white silhouette photo idea

This weekend Sarah and Phil met up with me for – nay, REQUESTED – a winter maternity portrait session mere days after the January Snowpocalypse shut down the city for several days with record setting snowfall and a polar vortex delivered unbelievably cold wind chills. So I made like a Photoshop file, added on some layers and exported with options of location photography gear for an evening of laughs and portraits.

Winter maternity portrait in snow laughter

Congrats again, Sarah and Phil!

More photos on the blog HERE and the Facebook page.

Stay toasty my friends.

My First Letter to Madeline


Tomorrow’s the big day – Madeline’s first birthday!

For some reason I always feel the need to preface a post with a back story. When I found out we were expecting our first baby Adrian I grabbed a journal I hadn’t written much in since blogging came about and wrote my news in ink. Not quite two years later when I found out I would be expecting my second child I made sure to write again.

Since the firstborn already has his story on a few dozen albums, a birth video, and a fair amount of spoiling, I’m sharing the letter I wrote to Madeline when I found out she was joining our family.

March 28, 2009 – 2:25am

To my child, announced with joy and surprise this evening! Your mother and big brother Adrian are sleeping while I am awake late. We are all excited to welcome you to our family. You will love the snow this winter when you meet us face to face. It is chilly but it sparkles in the sun and makes for great snuggling weather. It is now spring and there is new life and new starts around every turn!

Already your mommy and I are talking about the fun we will have when we meet you, your baby smile and wiggly fingers and toes. We may not know if you will be a daughter or our son but we do know we’re excited that you’re part of our family!

For tonight, and until we meet you, stay cozy in mommy’s tummy while you grow. We love you more than there are words to explain it – that’s why there are snuggles, hugs and smooches!

Your daddy

Madeline almost 1 year old

Happy Half-Birthday Madeline!

While today is my youngest sister Genna and cousin Jeni’s birthdays, 5th wedding anniversaries of two cool couples (Kristin & Nate, Kristy & Matt – both with new little daughters!) it’s also MY daughter Madeline’s 6 month birthday.

6 month old baby portraits

She hasn’t wasted any time learning how to roll over, working on crawling, and gabbing away to let everyone know what’s on her mind. She’s not a fan of teething but likes the frozen fruit smoothies Dad made for a snack. When she’s not teething or napping she’s pretty much all smiles and giggles. Sugar, spice, everything nice, things like that.

Happy half birthday Maddie! Dad, Mom and big brother Adrian love you!

(She said I could have the last piece of chocolate cake, too.)

Madeline 1 week old

I’m convinced there’s nothing more peaceful than a sleeping baby. Madeline was busy reinforcing this conviction with all her newborn naps this past week. After Thanksgiving flew by it just occurred to me that today marks her first week out here with her family. I grabbed the camera with the loudest shutter I could find (and if it weren’t the D700 I’d probably ditch it) and snapped a few photos of the peaceful Princess in pink.


I love the way she squishes up her lips and little cheeks 😀


It might be because Adrian hasn’t been this small in 22 months, but I think she has some cute tiny fingers and toes! Here she showed me a fits full of knuckles reminding me to let her sleep or there’d be trouble.


We love our little Madeline Suzanne! Big brother Adrian is getting a little more adjusted to having her in the house, walks up and points to her facial features saying each part he’s learned – nose, eyes, teeth, hair, ears, chin. He doesn’t call her “sister” or “Madeline” yet but he does walk up to see “baby” when they’re in the same room.

We hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving too! – Eric, Adrian and Madeline

Madeline’s busy first day

Here’s a handful of photos from my daughter Madeline Suzanne’s busy first day with me!

Madeline Suzanne

Madeline Suzanne – November 21, 2009 – 5:19am, 8 pounds 2 ounces, 20 inches

Madeline and Daddy

Daddy and Maddie

Hazel eyed Madeline

My hazel eyed baby girl* is awake! Just checking out the world and wondering what that clicking thing is that dad’s holding.

*Update January 2011 – Maddie definitely has blue eyes like Mom & her brig brother. 😉

It’s a girl! Madeline is here!

It’s a girl!

My little Madeline Suzanne arrived at 5:19am, 8lbs 2oz (2oz heavier than Adrian) and the same length as he was at 20 inches. And cute without question! 🙂

Things still feel like a bit of a whirlwind after a long work day, heading to the hospital, and almost immediately into delivery! I was even a bit spoiled that Madeline arrived a few days early so she was home before Thanksgiving!

Adrian vs spaghetti

Yesterday I found out Adrian loves spaghetti after he grabbed a container of noodles and sauce off the table while dinner was cooking.

The “we both know I’m getting away with this once I smile” look – adorable and dangerous 😀


Good till the last drop


Adrian loves home cooking. Daddy agrees!


Who made this mess? Wasn’t me…


14 months and into everything – everything fun! I love my Adrian!

Baby and the blue balloon

This afternoon Adrian had a giggling blast with helium balloons we brought home from his first birthday party last weekend. It made me stop and think how strange and entertaining it must be for him to let go of something and see it go to the ceiling instead of the floor.

Indiana baby photos - Adrian and the balloon

High flying fun – Adrian and the balloon

Indiana baby photos - Adrian 12 months

Our big boy turned 1 year old last week!

Indiana baby photos - Adrian and the balloon

Almost got it!

Indiana baby photos - Adrian and the balloon

Peek a Bu

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