Thanks and Giving

A few quick favorites from today’s festivities.

Adrian’s 1st Thanksgiving.

Baby's 1st Thanksgiving

Adrian and Aunt Aliya ready to dig in!

Adrian finds dessert… mess ahead!

New Camera Test Photos – Nikon D300

Yep, the Nikon D300 passed the test – it can capture baby cuteness.

Rainy mornings are perfect for baby snuggles and photos.
Calm morning crawl and cuddles

Why yes, I am this cute in person!
Why yes, I am this cute in person

Our little camera ham 🙂
our little camera ham

He’s not only accustomed to having a camera in front of him but I’m pretty sure he loves being in front of the camera too.
Baby loves the Nikon D300 too

CLASSIC silly expression!
Classic silly expression

All cuteness photographed under window light with Nikon D300, MB-D10 vertical grip, Nikon 50mm f/1.4D lens, and one amazing son Adrian.

Baby Teeth

I wish it was as easy as this.


That’s right, baby Adrian’s working on some chompers.

Favorites from the Fourth

We hope everyone has enjoyed a great Independence Day! We had a fun time celebrating with family and Adrian loved his first fireworks show. Here are an instant favorites from our rather un-camera-shy little guy with his Dadda.

Baby Laughter

Adrian’s Five Months!

Today Adrian’s five months old, a very wiggly and very vocal five months old at that. Photos are from his great Grandma’s 95th birthday in late June. Who can resist a baby with a birthday hat!?

Great Grandma and Adrian

Aunt Sue and birthday girl Great Grandma with Adrian

Party People Adrian

Party Over Here!

Adrian and Grandpa Billy partying

Everybody Loves Cake!

Mmm cake!


the Kiddo crawls!

Before the afternoon humidity set in I was walking around the house opening windows to let the nice breeze circulate when I got inspired to decorate. Ok, just to put up the top frilly part over the curtains in the baby room. It’s as close to decorating as I get for now.

I brought Adrian upstairs to play in his crib while I looked for the hardware and put up the curtain rod. He has been really gabby today, cooing all sorts of stories to me. There’s a lot that he has to say at 4 months old!

I finished up and went downstairs to turn on the central air and now close the windows I opened earlier in the day. (As long as I’m the one making more work for myself I tend to mind it less.) When I got back upstairs Adrian had rolled over and was crawling around in the crib. Not high speed or anything but enough that he was on the other side of the bed on hands and knees, still cooing.

I moved him back so he could crawl the length of the crib and grabbed a camera before he got too far along.

A little help, please?

Here I come!

You’re gonna blog this… aren’t you?

He just melts our hearts with that smile. 🙂 Enjoy the crawlin antics!

Landon & Grant’s Baptism

I think the coolest part of my job is just being able to tell a story with the camera. Sunday I added a chapter in a story that started in 2003 when I began working with Troy at Ritz Camera Store. Over the 3 years of working there I made some great friends, and while reminiscing today realized it has been 2 years ago this month that the Mishawaka store closed.

Last December I caught up with Troy and his wife Michelle for some pregnancy photos as Michelle and Troy were expecting winter babies – yes, twins! Their sons, Landon and Grant, were born in January just a few weeks before my son Adrian arrived in February.

Sunday the boys were baptized at Saint Pius X church in Granger. What an exciting job to tell a family’s story and be part of this celebration for the newest little ones! At the family gathering afterward I had a great time visiting and catching up, sharing fatherhood stories, and introducing our kids to one another.

Landon & Grant's Baptism

Landon, Michelle, Troy and Grant

Landon & Grant