Spring Flashback – While the Newlyweds Wait – May 2005

Wedding Portrait bride and groom alone candid Saint Joseph Michigan

More snow in the air as February winds down warrants another warm weather favorite photo gets dredged from the archives! Today’s post comes from Spring 2005 as the newlyweds shared a moment alone on the country club green in Bridgman, Michigan.

Free photo tip – waiting around for family and bridal party members to arrive for group portraits is not time wasted waiting on great photo opportunities… if you keep your eyes out for these kinds of moments. This photo came together between the bride and groom’s portraits alone and waiting on the rest of the gang to meet up for outdoor portraits. No posing ideas, directing, or forcing a smile needed!

Keep toasty & keep your eyes open for great photo moments! -eB

Stunt Groom? Jackpot.

While yesterday was abuzz with the new iPhone OS3.0 updates, I’ve got to hand it to Sprint’s clever direct-connect commercials. And of course, I’m a fan of all things production related. 🙂 And iPhones. Just to set the record straight.

What if film crews ran the world? On wedding days!


No rain, no rainbows! I’m hoping the weather plays nice for some great shoots this weekend. And by nice I mean dramatic skies and cool clouds. Rain… not so much.

If it doesn’t show up in a feed, check out the video here – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-J5W3u8lIuk

And of course, second favorite of this theme – What if Roadies Ran the World

Enjoy the weekend, lots more photos ahead!