Collaboration – BWW Poster Concept

Promotional poster graphic design collaboration

Part 2 of our earlier collaboration project – Phil’s finished designs.

I merely supplied cameras and lighting, a little bit of arranging folks but the final edit far outshines the straight out of camera shots I left with Phil to begin his poster designs. I was excited to see how his ideas would transform the photos into his finished poster, and am thrilled to share it here!

But first, a word from the artist.

This was a labor of love that took a lot of time and help from some friends. This promotional piece is 54″x24″ and will be hung up at the Buffalo Wild Wings located in the Village at Coventry in Fort Wayne, Indiana. It may be at other locations but not many.

I am not making any profit off of this so if any of you work for BWW corporate, no lawsuits please. :p

The photography was done by my friend Eric Bucholtz of

The models are my roommates Austin (far left) and Kelli (girl on top of couch aka my gf), and the others (all employees of BWW Coventry) are myself, Alisa, Serena and Stephen.

I’m so glad I finally finished this. Thank you, to those that helped take from a sketch to reality.

I will not be selling copies of this poster (that would be illegal) but if you work at a Buffalo Wild Wings and think you’d like this poster displayed at your store, send me a message [through dA] or email me at and I will inform you of the information needed. Thank you.

I’ll add that in addition to posters to display, drop Phil a line about your own creative promotional piece ideas to see more of his graphic work in action. Well done!

Get on with the pictures already!

Check out the full version here.