Tales from the Assist – Cake vs Auto Exposure

Wedding Cake and Detail Lighting Tutorial

Alternately titled “When bad camera settings happen to good cakes

It wasn’t a pretty sight, such a tasty dessert under such unpleasant gymnasium lighting. One of the perks of playing around with ideas exploring concepts as an assistant allows me moments to peruse photographic studies of ambient lighting, off-camera illumination, and the posting of my comparisons thereof.

Wedding Cake Lighting Tutorial lit full
The finished image with 2 off-camera lights – no additional editing!

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Adrian’s Five Months!

Today Adrian’s five months old, a very wiggly and very vocal five months old at that. Photos are from his great Grandma’s 95th birthday in late June. Who can resist a baby with a birthday hat!?

Great Grandma and Adrian

Aunt Sue and birthday girl Great Grandma with Adrian

Party People Adrian

Party Over Here!

Adrian and Grandpa Billy partying

Everybody Loves Cake!

Mmm cake!