Jams at Ugly Mugs

I’ve been fortunate to catch some good local music at Ugly Mugs downtown. The favorite and most recent is the Jess Strantz band. (What started as a solo piano / acoustic guitar vocalist act incorporated a shredding bassist and kickin drummer.) Here’s a handful of my favorite shots from the set while hanging with guys from the Underground Cafe crew.

Jess Strantz on acoustic guitar

Musicians Jess Strantz and drummer

Live music coffee house photography at Ugly Mugs

Ugly Mugs Coffee shop musicians drummer Aaron

Live music coffee shop performance bassist at Ugly Mugs

Jess Strantz Band - the Rendition - Von Strantz at Ugly Mugs South Bend Indiana

Well played, Jess, Jess and Aaron!

Update August 2014 – check out Jess’s latest musical ensemble Von Strantz

One lovely eve with the Ugly Mugs

Some GREAT music tonight from Jess Strantz, Elliot Evans, Oh Donahue, and Etna Green. I met some photographer, visual and musical artist friends there for a nice time relaxing and NOT running a show like last weekend’s show at the Underground Cafe. It’s a nice perspective and a huge relaxation when it’s well mixed and illuminated and my event ADHD doesn’t feel the need to help tune things up. Two thumbs up to the Ugly Mugs crew who put together tonight’s show!

I was seriously surprised by the well-planned stage and performance setup at Ugly Mugs. Talking with Devin, the assistant events coordinator, he told me the place was planned out by musicians so it would look and sound great. It did both for all who played from the stage. From both a photographer AND a concert production director’s perspective… HUGE A+ to you guys for that effort up front.

I didn’t snap many photos but I love hearing live music, checking out new places, and shooting ambient light for practice. (The 85mm lens is going to be seeing a lot of snaps at tomorrow’s wedding!)

Etna Green at Ugly Mugs Cafe

Etna Green at Ugly Mugs, South Bend, Indiana

Reflection in Triptych

Good night and GREAT job to the talent that performed tonight! It was worth working on tax paperwork all afternoon with 70˚ temps outside just to “finish my homework” and get out to hear you all play.