Previously Unpublished – Boardwalk at Dusk

Weko Beach boardwalk at dusk Bridgman Michigan

Previously Unpublished image from a wandering at Weko Beach, Bridgman, Michigan, spring 2006. Hoping for a dramatic sunset I arrived for a calm, overcast dusk and low key images along the boardwalk.

Specs: Trusty Nikon D70, Program exposure mode decided on 1/30th second exposure at f/7.1, my how my shooting experience has changed since learning to shoot in manual mode. Filtered with VSCOcam & Instagram.

Previously Unpublished – Stockholm at Dusk – 2000

Stockholm Sweden at dusk winter 2000

Image © copyright Eric Bucholtz 2000, all rights

I shot this on an exceptionally photogenic day in Sweden, a day that started out with everything outside covered with frozen fog frost. While visiting the capitol city with my flatmate and Finn friends the sky that was perfectly clear blue in the morning had incredible clouds at dusk.

I didn’t have very fast film, a fast lens, or a lot of light for sharp hand-held photos and didn’t take a tripod with me. I did what my years of shooting cheap and watching MacGuyver taught me: improvise. I had in my backpack a hacky sack beanbag for the occasional time wasting fun and makeshift camera stabilizer. (Dual purpose travel accessories are great space savers!) With the camera strap over my neck I balanced the camera on top of the beanbag on a bridge railing and composed this shot.

Minolta Maxxum 7000i, 35-105mm lens, Fuji
cheap stuff ISO400.

Impromptu Portraits – Genna

Started something new last week – shooting without a schedule, kind of like I used to back when. See how many frames of 35mm were left in the Minolta X-370 and go snap a few for fun. Just grab a camera, ditch the plan, go shoot and see what happens. It worked like magic at the Underground Cafe and had friends collaborating and cracking up in no time. Today was a great day to be outdoors and after number crunches and office work I was ready to get outside before sunset with a camera and start snapping.

I asked a few friends who complained they were bored to join me to no avail, and before anyone else had a chance to reply to my request to go shoot my sis Genna had picked an outfit, styled up her hair, and was ready to go. (Being a stylist probably helps to know some shortcuts!)

I stopped by an old garage I’d seen countless times from the road and always meant to stop and shoot there. Perfect for spontaneity.

Genna's impromptu shoot

Looked around and found a nearby gravel driveway and gate.

Genna's impromptu shoot - gate

Genna's impromptu shoot - country road

And of course, I had to ask “You think you can jump in those shoes?” Always be ready for the answer. 😀

Genna's impromptu shoot - she flies!

(Think MadTV’s Stuart saying “Look what I can do!”)

I’ve gotta do this more often.

Playing in Traffic

A while back when we began planning Stacie and Bryan’s autumn wedding photography she ran a couple of interesting ideas past us for her engagement session. Outside, downtown, dusk, and street light.

We headed downtown and shot as the sun began to set. Then the magic light showed up, a great glow *after* the sun is gone, and some cool clouds stuck around knowing how much fun it would be to join us.

Stacie and Bryan downtown at dusk

Thanks for humoring us while we walked in traffic, gave cars at the corners a photo shoot to watch, and had a great time from start to finish!

Stacie and Bryan in the road

Lastly… one of my favorite shots from the dusk setting. While there wasn’t a whole lot of traffic after dark ther ewere still crazy (Michigan) drivers roaring around the corner that we had to watch for before dashing into the street, shoot, and run to the sidewalk.


Game on!

Thanks again Stacie & Bryan! – Loads more photos to come this week!