Congrats Gina & David!

Always a treat to share a wedding celebration with family friends! Last night we celebrated with Gina and David in Elkhart… here are some favorites!

Gina making the bride’s traditional entrance. TA-DAH!

Elkhart Wedding Photographers eB Photography

David, a little more serious, but don’t let it fool you. Great sense of humor!

Elkhart Wedding Photographers eB Photography

Elkhart Wedding Photographers eB Photography

Elkhart Wedding Photographers eB Photography

Unity candle and communion

Elkhart Wedding Photographers eB Photography

Elkhart Wedding Photography by eB Photography

Congrats newlyweds! Click a photo above or CLICK HERE to see the Instant Album slide show!

Just Married! Kasey & Charlie

Kasey and Charlie had a great celebration in Elkhart today, and we had a wonderful time celebrating with the Rodgers and Smith families.

I had a little time to check out the church before the ceremony, and saw the unity sand vases Kasey and Charlie chose for their wedding ceremony. I knew I would have a tricky time getting the one-of-a-kind shot of the sand pouring from where I would be in the pews, but inspiration struck!

Indiana Wedding Photography unity sand vase

I set up a backup camera and fisheye lens on a remote release in the 2 foot gap between the altar table and the front wall of the church. It was a shot I wouldn’t have seen this well if I was permitted to photograph on the platform! Geekiness comes in really handy at times. (Remote cameras, wirelessly updated slideshows at the reception, Apple products all around, some sci-fi references… the works.)

One more favorite shot – I loved the colorful bouquet Kasey carried! This shot had all the vibrant colors straight out of camera, just a slight crop was all the adjustment made to this image (besides resizing and the logo). 🙂

Congrats Newlyweds!

Nikon D700 Straight out of camera

Check out the rest of the Instant Album Slideshow HERE!

Just Married – Emily & Michael!

We celebrated Memorial Day with nonstop smiles and laughs from Emily and Michael. You would not believe how many photos I picked as my favorite already. TONS! Here’s one quick photo and a link over to their slide show of dozens more. Next week there will be hundreds more in the full gallery too!

Congrats Newlyweds Emily & Michael! We had an incredible morning and afternoon celebrating with you guys, your families, friends and lots of familiar faces from 2006 and 2007 wedding stories we’ve told!

Click on the photo or CLICK HERE to see their Instant Album Slideshow that was shown during the reception! Enjoy!