Cubs Win! Wrigley Field Engagement Guest Book

I’m up late prepping for another double-shoot day this weekend, wrapping up 2 from Friday, ready to kick the weekend into high gear! Today’s celebration with Joy & David, here’s the first inning of the custom wedding guest book from a rather great proposal that might just make you shout “Holy cow!” Harry Caray style.

Cubs Fans Wrigley Field Engagement Proposal

Proposal via Wrigley Field scoreboard? I’m as green as that scoreboard with envy!

Lots more Cubs baseball, Army memories, golf rounds, and wedding day celebration ahead!

Get a reminder when the photos are ready here – enjoy!

Joy & David’s Sunny Syracuse Summer Session

Hit the road last Friday and went to Syracuse, Indiana for Joy Kroemer & David Dulen’s engagement session along Lake Wawasee. Perfect evening for a little road trip and a lakeside engagement session with a fun couple!

Syracuse Indiana Engagement Wedding Photographer

Lake Wawasee Syracuse Indiana Engagement Wedding Photographer

Lake Wawasee boat engagemnet portraits

Syracuse Indiana lake engagement wedding photos

Lake Wawasee Syracuse Indiana Wedding Photographer

We’re looking forward to a great time celebrating with Joy & David this weekend! Keep an eye out for more photos or get a reminder HERE so you’ll know when the full gallery is ready.

Diana & Roger – Summertime Engagement Session

I think one of the things I like best about my work telling engagement and wedding stories through photography is getting to see so many friends happy.

Mishawaka Indiana Wedding Engagement Portraits Beutter Park

Diana, Roger and I met up at the Beutter Park river walks in Mishawaka for a sunny evening of photos. It’s a favorite stop for wedding parties, senior portraits, and other portraits but I was especially glad to hear the park would be more than just a pretty location for them – it is where they met last summer. How great to be able to tell their engagement story right where they met!

Mishawaka Indiana Wedding Engagement Portraits Beutter Park

Mishawaka Indiana Wedding Engagement Portraits Beutter Park

Mishawaka Indiana Wedding Engagement Portraits Beutter Park

Mishawaka Indiana Wedding Engagement Portraits Beutter Park

We’re looking forward to celebrating their wedding day soon! Congrats!

Custom Wedding Guest Book Design from 1945 Engagement Portraits

I was pretty excited when this Wedding Guest Book arrived so I grabbed the video camera and started rambling recording. Here’s a preview of the Custom Guest Books included in our Memoirs Photography Package and available for all weddings!

I’ve got to brag on the couple, the idea for the themed shoot was totally theirs. At our first meeting, the bride Caroline mentioned her fiance Josh was in the Navy and she wanted to shoot a 1945 themed engagement session in tribute to the famous photo of a sailor kissing a nurse in Times Square. (Note for couples looking for photographers – throwing creative, fun ideas at us will really make the brainstorms take off!) It was all downhill from there.

Update – see more of the session’s photos here.

custom 1945 engagement session wedding guestbook 1

I’m thrilled with the hinged paper construction that lets guests write right up to the middle of the book, no bending down the pages to add your wishes near the middle of the book!

custom 1945 engagement session wedding guestbook 2

Closeup of the hinged paper wedding guest book design

custom 1945 engagement session wedding guestbook 3

Another added bonus was the thicker paper used for this design. One concern was that a pen would make indentations on the next page’s photos, but the thicker paper and using fine tipped Sharpie markers did more than enough to prevent this concern.

custom 1945 engagement session wedding guestbook 4

Tips on Guest Books from photographer and designer Eric Bucholtz –

  • – Personalize! Anything personalized to your clients’ engagement and wedding story will always be a hit! The engagement session is entirely about the Soonlyweds to have a relaxing shoot away from wedding planning while getting a preview of your work to let them know they’ve made a great choice including your photography in their upcoming wedding day.
  • – Album Design: Backgrounds. Unless your design concept is for an all white, black or solid page background, personalize your photography even further in the design process by including complimenting colors and textures on album backgrounds. For this vintage book light paper, sand, and other complimenting textures were used to give a freshly printed book a little age to match the feel of the session.
  • – Sunset shooting. Especially out on the beach, stick around after sunset. Dusk is a colorful time full of sunset colors without fighting with the sun at the horizon. This means fewer silhouettes against the sun, less high power fill flash, and more available light photos with that great dusk coloring. Aside from the photographic technicalities, especially when the subjects are having fun, there’s no need to hurry and pack up as soon as the sun sets below the horizon.

Specs & Links

This 10×10″ book features photography and design by Eric Bucholtz, 1945 hairstyling by Genna Bucholtz. White House Custom Color printed the hinged paper / lay flat construction.

Jake & Jessica’s Very Metal Engagement

Early this winter while working with friends Judah at Fourth Tribe concerts and Jake at the River Bank venue to plan spring concert productions, I got let in on a big secret: Jake planned on proposing at the show. (Insert wailing guitar here!)

I gotta say he was looked pretty nervous while Armana Reign played and he waited to grab the mic before Haste the Day’s headlining set.

Jake greets the crowd, has the staff introduce themselves one by one, and when the last one was done he asked her to come back up. Still held it together pretty well at this point. Grabs the mic and re-introduces Jessica as his girlfriend and says “I’ve got a question for you…” drops the mic, drops to one knee, and gets the hugest smile ever while asking her to marry him. Everyone who could see the stage area went nuts cheering!

Most. AWESOME. Moment. Of. The. Night. – she said YES!

I’ve got to hear some pretty cool engagement stories but up till then hadn’t been in the same room or only a few feet away when the question was asked. WOW. It was crazy amazing excitement everywhere. People were flipping out…

And of course, Haste the Day played an awesome finale to this amazing day.

Congrats Jake & Jessica!

Vintage 1945 Themed Wedding Guestbook

Just a warning – you may find yourself saying “Oh I wish I’d thought to do that for my engagement!” – I have numerous times already. We’ll still gladly help put together a creative shoot for you – drop us a line! Ok end of disclaimer. -eB

I’m pretty stoked to present one of the many creative things we’ve helped put together with photos from Caroline & Josh’s 1945 themed engagement session last summer.

This shoot was my photographic equivalent of a kid in a candy store. When the couple mentioned the idea for a vintage engagement shoot you could almost hear the wheels spinning in my head. I always liked studying history, and talking to my 96 year old Grandmother is always a history lesson worth hearing. Her eyes light up talking about my late Grandfather, their wedding day, and the love between them. I couldn’t help but think of their love story and the stories she shared about waiting months to hear from him as he served in the US Navy during World War II. With that in mind we went to town recreating the feel of some of those favorite lovebird photos from way back when…

Click an images above or click here to see the book designs in a full browser window, – iPhone and smartphone friendly slide show!

Act natural – Couples Portrait Session Posing

This is what I got, two days / two shoots in a row when I mentioned “acting natural” during portraits.

facepalm of love

On second thought…

I wasn’t going to post the first outtake shot until I saw the same thing on the very next shoot. The very first frame of the next shoot. You guys crack me up. This is what keeps photo “work” from feeling like work. I needed the laughs after the long busy weekend.

For an unscripted engagement session of your own, drop me a line here – eB

Chicago Skyline Beach Sunset Engagement Shoot

Cool couple + perfect afternoon + small town, Indiana + Lake Michigan beach + Chicago Skyline background + perfect sunset + not feeling like you’re “working” = WOW!

Yes that all just happened. I was floored. A cool couple without any of the above makes for a great shoot, but all of them combined and I’m floored!

Lake Michigan Chicago skyline engagement portraits

Lake Michigan Chicago skyline engagement portraits

Lake Michigan Chicago skyline engagement portraits

Chicago skyline from Lake Michigan

More photos ahead from Gena & Bob’s engagement session!

How Photogenic is your Pet?

This fella stole the show today.

Engagement Pet Portraits Notre Dame University

Jenny & Pat brought Hemi, their 9 month old Chocolate Lab puppy for a run around Notre Dame Campus and their engagement session. I think he had about much fun as Jenny & Pat did!

Here’s a couple sneak peeks from this evening’s engagement portraits around Notre Dame University campus. More posted soon!

No rain no rainbows

Also no tornado, lighting strikes or hail damage.

Between stormfronts I raced up to Lake Michigan with Lauren and Andrew for a great engagement shoot on the almost deserted Weko Beach in Bridgman, Michigan.

Weko Beach engagement portraits thunderstorm

“I was hoping for some lightning in the background… but you two are pretty electric!”(yes… I seriously said that. I was rather proud of how fast I thought of it, but man it was cheesy to hear aloud. Thanks for the courtesy laughs!)

Great laughs, SNICK television lineup trivia, and a relaxing afternoon hearing about their exciting August wedding ahead! More photos ahead…