Super Awesome Villians Forever Tour at Goshen Theater

More in the loud music / fast action / dim lighting category of challenge. Also a first I’ve seen of the Goshen Theater’s Backstage Show style setups, nicely done!

These Hearts

Check them out on Facebook here

These Hearts band Super Awesome Villians FOrever Tour Goshen Indiana photographer

These Hearts band Super Awesome Villians Forever Tour Goshen Indiana photographer 2

Future Ghosts

Check out Future Ghosts’ music here

Future Ghosts band Super Awesome Villians Forever Tour Goshen Indiana photographer


Dig some Phinehas music here

Phinehas band Super Awesome Villians Forever Tour Goshen Indiana photographer

To Speak of Wolves

Blast some To Speak of Wolves music here

To Speak Of Wolves band Super Awesome Villians Forever Tour Goshen Indiana photographer

To Speak Of Wolves band Super Awesome Villians Forever Tour Goshen Indiana live show photographer

To Speak Of Wolves band Super Awesome Villians Forever Tour Goshen Indiana concert photographer

Write This Down

Get some Write This Down playing here

Two favorites, two variants of same angle & subject.

Write This Down band Super Awesome Villians Forever Tour Goshen Indiana photographer

Write This Down band Super Awesome Villians Forever Tour Goshen Indiana photographer

The daunting glance of Jake of True Vision Promotions and The NOTE Venue. You’d think after a guy proposes and gets engaged to his sweetheart at a loud rock show he’d look a little happier.

“You will rock or there will be consequences.”

Jacob Shaffer True Vision Promotions the NOTE venue


Geek speak – gear I used was a simple kit of a Nikon D7000 DSLR (Amazon | eBay) body, Tamron 17-50mm f/2.8 (Amazon | eBay) plus Nikon 105mm f/2.8 Micro-Nikkor (Amazon | eBay), SB-800 speedlight (Amazon | eBay) turned down to 1/128th power for some shots. Mix of slow shutter speeds, rear curtain flash sync, high ISO settings, fill flash and dumb luck being in the right place and anticipating some cool stuff.

Behind the Scenes with Overdun Productions

Commercial video production behind the scenes on location

Disclaimer: geeky production stuff ahead.

Catching up from a busy October, a few weekends back was packed full of all kinds of production work, new to the mix of production I enjoy: professional video production. I’ve always liked video production, but a setup of this caliber is above the old camcorder and VCR work I did back in the 90s. One Christmas break back in elementary school I may have set up a news desk set and even a little home made lighting gear, and turned an extending painting pole into a mic boom… no tech like low tech. Later in high school put together a promotional piece with *actual* television editing staff and equipment, and was definitely hooked on tinkering with video gear. About the same time I picked up my first 35mm SLR camera and got into live audio, a bit of my own personal geeky production Renaissance.

On to the high tech big boys’ toys with Overdun Productions. Grip trucks, dollies, Steadicam, and a slick camera to drool over, the RED HD camera. Here’s some behind the scenes photos to check out.

Overdun Production behind the scenes RED dolly shot
Kyle and crew on dolly shot at sunrise
Video production makeup artist on location
Makeup artist Peg Jaworski touching up between shots
Video production scrim RED steadicam grips at work
Grips providing a little diffusion as shoppers go walking
Goshen Courthouse video production shoot
Production setup outside Goshen Courthouse
Goshen Indiana video production shoot
Line producers Kipp Norman and Executive Producer Kyle Bainter on location
Overdun video shoot RED camera on Steadicam
Sebastian working the RED on Steadicam
Overdun Productions behind the scenes Director Kyle Bainter
Alternate view from the talent side of camera
Overdun Productions - Line Producer Kipp with child talent
Director Kipp and Eric hi-5 – the crew was great with child & adult talent
Video shoot outdoor light modifying setup
Who says I take too much gear to a photo shoot? All modifiers on the sunny October daylight.
Outdoor video production RED dolly setup
Dolly shot setup of the Tommies
Child talent and RED camera video shoot
Tommy checking playback before shouting “in your places everyone!”
Commercial viedo shoot adult and child talents
Dad and son taking the winning shot
Video production father and son watch playback
Father and son watching playback

So what’s all this setup turn into? You may have seen some of Overdun Production’s work in the Michiana area already, here’s a clip below that’s been on air.


Check out more of Kyle at Overdun Productions’ work at

Kingston Falls Reunion

Close Your Eyes band 2010 show photography

Kingston Falls was one of the first local hardcore bands I remember hearing as well as mixing at old Underground Cafe shows. It was a weekend of reminiscing with music between seeing Kingston Falls again Friday and Analecta Thursday. I’ve seen Analecta’s bassist Calvin all around local music since the old Underground shows. Now that I’ve got plenty of loud music ringing in my ears this week it’s time for some office work, family time, and football this weekend.

Call it a sneak preview for tonight’s Kingston Falls reunion show in Napannee.

Kingston Falls band Indiana concert photography

Last shot of the whole Kingston Falls set, looks like the mic is out of reach.

Kingston Falls Indiana concert photography

One shot from Close Your Eyes. It was my first time seeing them and I wouldn’t mind having them in another show soon. There’s a similar version of this shot in the header slideshow on our blog – check it.

Close Your Eyes band Indiana concert photographer

Update 11/28/10 -The same gear I took to this show is quickly becoming my lightweight concert photography gear kit I use most:

  • Nikon D700 for high ISO low light shots (ISO3200 when dim, less when there’s adequate lighting)
  • Nikon 24mm f/2.8 AF wide angle
  • Nikon 105mm f/2.8 AF macro for closeups on tight stages
  • Earplugs – get close to the speakers and amps for tight spots to shoot from without losing your hearing
  • Walking to a good angle. Sometimes you gotta walk in front of people or *gasp* up on the edge of the stage for a better-than-camera-overhead-at-arms-length shot. (See next step for bonus tip)
  • Knowing people helps. Make friends with promoters, bands, and of course, the production crew. This makes creeping up onstage a little less likely to get you blasted by the guy running the fogger or moved back by stagehands. (I’ve run the fogger and been a stagehand… trust me on this one.)

Just Married – Emily & Michael!

We celebrated Memorial Day with nonstop smiles and laughs from Emily and Michael. You would not believe how many photos I picked as my favorite already. TONS! Here’s one quick photo and a link over to their slide show of dozens more. Next week there will be hundreds more in the full gallery too!

Congrats Newlyweds Emily & Michael! We had an incredible morning and afternoon celebrating with you guys, your families, friends and lots of familiar faces from 2006 and 2007 wedding stories we’ve told!

Click on the photo or CLICK HERE to see their Instant Album Slideshow that was shown during the reception! Enjoy!