Perseids Meteor Shower

Last week was a good week for staying up late. The Perseids meteor shower was in full swing overnight, and I enjoyed a needed break from computer screens of editing and paperwork. Packed up some camera gear and headed out into the corn fields to find a nice quiet spot to shoot.

Turns out 7′ high walls of corn on a dim dirt road are kinda creepy when you start hearing rustling in the moonlight. I had my tripod’s spiked feet fully deployed and the trusty 3 D cell Maglite ready to swing at any critter or corn coming my way. After a blanket of fog swept across the fields and a truck came barreling down the washboard dirt road at 4am I decided to move. Enough of the jitters for one early morning.

The next spot I landed was home for a few hours as I worked on improvising a shutter release from binder clips, pennies, and tape before my only battery for the color DSLR body I brought died. It hadn’t occurred to me to bring any of the other 7 batteries or the AA packs. Packing a camera bag at 3am isn’t recommended for this exact reason. Before the battery was drained I managed a few photos I liked, tinkering with exposures from 30 seconds to 5 minutes.

Perseids meteor shower northern Indiana

No meteor trails, but lots of stars out that morning.

I also had my Infrared-converted Nikon D70s in the bag, and knew I wasn’t going home just because one battery was toast. Nikon seriously needs to bring back the battery life of the D70/D70s series cameras. I could shoot a whole wedding day, or about 1,000 photos with that one battery in the camera. I don’t remember when I last charged it but I was hoping it was enough to shoot till sunrise.

Plus, I always wondered what infrared photography in moonlight would look like. So I got to shooting again, and WOW.

Perseids meteor shower northern Indiana

Gave this one a cool tone after converting to black and white. Tons more photos to sort through, tons more work waiting in the meantime. 🙂 Enjoy!

Jill and Brad’s Outdoor Wedding at Orchard Hills

It’s always a treat to photograph weddings for siblings, cousins, coworkers and friends when you get to see familiar faces when you go “to work.” Jill and Brad’s wedding on Saturday was the continuation of a great celebration with Brad’s family when his sister Amanda married last June.

You know the bouquet and garter toss that you see at most receptions? At Amanda & Justin’s wedding last June Jill caught the bouquet and Brad caught the garter. Continue reading “Jill and Brad’s Outdoor Wedding at Orchard Hills”

First day of the best month

October is here at last.

It was fall today, the way it should be. Cool weather not above 60˚ starting with some rain this morning. Golden sun and leaves beginning to fill the yard. Adrian wearing fuzzy warm clothes as he crawled and climbed all over the place. Hot cocoa and apple cider for breaks.

I was driving to the Post Office and a few errands on the Southside when I saw some ominous, billowing clouds rolling in. I took a quick u-turn home and grabbed the Infrared camera to play a little with skies, textures, and see what dark clouds do when I use my IR camera. Here’s one of my favorites.

bricks, ivy, fence and sky

On the way home I stopped at a playground I’ve visited before I was old enough to remember how to get there. Back even before the gas prices and economic whirlwind of today my parents used to take us kids riding around the neighborhood on bikes. Bike rides were a family outing, we all liked recreation. I still do today. They even had kid carriers on the backs of their 10 speeds, though I don’t remember riding in them. We’d ride for blocks on end – less than a mile – to Monroe Elementary School and play in the big field next to the school, jump all over the playground, or ride bikes around the sidewalks and paths near the school.

So on the way home for dinner from the stormfront photos I stopped there to see what the place looked like with infrared photos. Instead I found giant mushrooms behind the baseball backstop where I used to play as a kid and my freshmen year high school team had it’s practices. They practically shouted to be photographed before the schoolchildren found them. 🙂

infrared mushrooms

The fungus had an interesting glow to it in infrared. Mostly I think the glow was something I saw from finding serendipitous subjects and getting to try new ideas in a rather familiar place.

Never stop trying new ideas.


Seeing Something Invisible

If you’ve looked at a photography magazine or seen any photo-centric websites or forums you know there’s been a tidal wave of new digital SLR cameras flooding the lineup of already pretty awesome cameras out there. Newer, faster, shinier, a couple extra megapixels… it’s crazy how quickly new cameras are being introduced!

This summer it was time for us to retire the second Nikon DSLR that helped start our business. I bought the Nikon D70s it back when it was introduced in 2005 and it has helped to photograph over 70 weddings since then, not including tons of engagement portrait and senior shoots. Hokey smokes I’m exhausted just counting up all the shoots since 2005!

The improved controls, response speed, and feel of the D200 and D300 had me hooked, but I didn’t want to try and sell a very used D70s when I could instead use it to see invisible light for a new take on some interesting photographic art.

Walnut Tree in Infrared

Southside Welcome in Infrared

For all the “how’d they do that” check out the conversion and technique at