Everything I ever learned about lighting…

Strobist LEGO tribute

Was probably from LEGOs and the Strobist blog. (Click the photo to see all the geeky comments on this super LEGO lighting rig.)

It’s fair to say I did learn something from my college courses with Craig Sheaks, and tinkering with Nikon’s Creative Lighting System to get the flash and the light off the camera’s hot shoe. I rigged and patched my school’s set of (maybe) 16 PAR64 cans and 6 ellipsoidal spotlights to light the auditorium for various assemblies, Christmas specials, concerts and video projects. All of it learn-as-you-go style. Photography and lighting go together like peas and carrots. And peas and carrots go together great with a pot roast.

One day long ago I was looking for something lighting related online and came across the Strobist blog and my brain all but exploded from the amount of ideas that flooded my head all at once. This site is a gold mine for using the flashes I already had (or lots of other ones that are far less complicated or pricey!) to get some amazing off camera lighting without hauling a studio strobe rig. If you’ve seen me on a shoot I still haul more than the LEGO rig above. 🙂

Though I’d seen his work for years and years in National Geographic I didn’t run across the writings of Joe McNally until this last year. This week his shiny new paperback arrived in the mail.

I don’t read a whole lot, not even camera manuals thoroughly. This one’s been hard to put down. (Click here to check it out if you like – The Hot Shoe Diaries: Big Light from Small Flashes)

Gonna go play and put it all into use again this weekend.

Photo Lessons by Joe McNally

I took a break from designing and sketching ideas for this weekend’s event setup to check the web feeds. Had a good laugh when I came across this napkin art. I’ve had some pretty cool photography instructors, mentors and inspirations. Still nobody illustrates his or her work as simply and geek friendly as the famous Joe McNally. What do these scribbles equate to for a photo?

Joe McNally photo school

Check out his workshop post HERE

Instead of “light modifiers” I will probably start to refer to our lighting kit as the photon force field.

Keep the creativity cookin!