First Week of the New Year & Decade

The first week of the year and decade was, in a word, nonstop. Avalanche of snowfall in northern Indiana. Cabin fever. Car repair. More cabin fever. And lots of time with these two blue eyed kiddos. What better opportunity for a dad and photographer to spend time with and photograph two of his favorite people in the entire world?

Madeline’s eyes looked hazel when she was born but I’m pretty sure they’re staying blue like her big brother and her Mama’s eyes are. She was rather content to wiggle by herself a bit while I played with Adrian – a welcome break from wanting to be constantly picked up – so I let her stretch out on the turquoise blanket a friend knitted (crocheted?) for Adrian.

Adrian has always been my camera ham. He didn’t want to be left out and hopped right up into the chair when I got Maddie back to her crib. He was behaving so well and sitting still (at the same time no less!) I got Madeline to sit with him for some photos that have been favorites ever since. Two sets of blue eyes melted their father’s heart with a huge smile.

And just like that, they went back to playing. Madeline discussed with her older brother Adrian the finer points of taking extended naps. I think he listened, too, and Daddy got a few minutes to make phone calls while the kiddies slept. 😀

Beat the cabin fever – drop us a line or a call to set up a winter shoot for you, your family, your children or all of the above!

Madeline 1 week old

I’m convinced there’s nothing more peaceful than a sleeping baby. Madeline was busy reinforcing this conviction with all her newborn naps this past week. After Thanksgiving flew by it just occurred to me that today marks her first week out here with her family. I grabbed the camera with the loudest shutter I could find (and if it weren’t the D700 I’d probably ditch it) and snapped a few photos of the peaceful Princess in pink.


I love the way she squishes up her lips and little cheeks 😀


It might be because Adrian hasn’t been this small in 22 months, but I think she has some cute tiny fingers and toes! Here she showed me a fits full of knuckles reminding me to let her sleep or there’d be trouble.


We love our little Madeline Suzanne! Big brother Adrian is getting a little more adjusted to having her in the house, walks up and points to her facial features saying each part he’s learned – nose, eyes, teeth, hair, ears, chin. He doesn’t call her “sister” or “Madeline” yet but he does walk up to see “baby” when they’re in the same room.

We hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving too! – Eric, Adrian and Madeline

Madeline’s busy first day

Here’s a handful of photos from my daughter Madeline Suzanne’s busy first day with me!

Madeline Suzanne

Madeline Suzanne – November 21, 2009 – 5:19am, 8 pounds 2 ounces, 20 inches

Madeline and Daddy

Daddy and Maddie

Hazel eyed Madeline

My hazel eyed baby girl* is awake! Just checking out the world and wondering what that clicking thing is that dad’s holding.

*Update January 2011 – Maddie definitely has blue eyes like Mom & her brig brother. 😉