Fall portrait sessions

Fall portrait Session invitation

Indiana Michigan fall portrait sessions

You’re invited to pick a date and time of your choice for a great shoot with us! No pre-set backgrounds, banks of deer-in-the-headlight lighting, or giant number props, just location of your choice and an easygoing session!

Great time of year for . . .



Engagement (and Anniversaries!)


Trash the Dress


Family & Just Because Sessions

eB Photography

EB Photography on DIYphotography.net!

Just before finishing packing up for a Saturday shoot I ran across a news feed to find that an article I posted was featured on DIYphotography.net! (That’s Do-It-Yourself Photography, for the record.)

I mentioned the power adapter splitter dubbed “SuperSquid” a little while back here. I was thrilled to see it featured on the Instructibles.com home page as well as added to travel tips on DIYphotography.net.

Ok, off to bed. Just wanted to share the excitement.


New photographic modification project coming next week! Be on the lookout!

Do It Yourself Photography

Guestbook Album Design – Tim and Jaclyn

Ever since I began including an Engagement Session in the Memoirs Photography Packages it’s been a busy summer snapping on location with my awesome couples. I’ve had too much fun to limit it to just one package so now ALL my Wedding Photography Packages INCLUDE an Engagement Session!

I’d like to sidetrack for a sec – a COMPLIMENTARY ENGAGEMENT SESSION!?! You got it!

During shoots I have been having a blast getting to hang out with my “Soonlyweds” engaged couples. Trips to the beach, strolls around Notre Dame and Saint Mary’s campuses, parks… and did I mention FUN? Take a break from all the hard work you’re putting into planning your big day and just let it out. Want to shout, laugh, run in the waves, play in the park or just dance to leave your planning behind and hang out with your photographers? Go for it!

Something NEW I’ll be offering is a Custom Guestbook chock full of the photos from your relaxing and fun Engagement Session. Instead of just a plain page for your guests to sign a book you will tuck away somewhere, why not show off your photos too?! Keep those names in a book you’ll look at over and over again!

So for the FIRST EVER design of this kind from eB Photography… feast your wedding planning, photo loving eyes on this page-turner put together from Jaclyn and Tim’s engagement shoot. Enjoy!

Custom Guest Book Album Designs

Chop Shop Stop

The weekend is winding down at last. Friday morning when I saw the weather forecast of 90˚+ and high humidity I decided it was time to find some scissors. I got my hair cut last sometime in May and it grew out pretty quick while we were busy with the spring and summer shoots. Luckily the scissors I found came with a stylist to guide the lawnmower shears for a nice short chop.

stop at the chop shop

These are also my two most photographed faces. The lazy eye scowl and the super cheese. I don’t think I’ve ever worn my glasses straight. This alone should serve as a pretty obvious reminder why I work behind cameras.

in with the new!

After years of various online journals, a few choppy web sites of travel photos and stories from the road… I finally got one to integrate with my eBphotography.com site! I’ll be posting updates, announcements, and loads of your favorite photos here!