Thankful Thoughts – November 4th

This afternoon I’m thankful for a good laugh break from the home office when I wondered why Adrian was being so quiet. Came down the stairs and saw him sitting in Momma’s recliner tinkering with her laptop. I’m also thankful his curiosity got the best of him and he was more interested in “typing” and wasn’t throwing the laptop like he throws bouncy balls around. (Kid’s got a great fastball pitch started!)

Totally busted, totally cute.

We let him off with a warning laugh and a hug.

MacBook vs Toddler

This little guy’s been one of the best bonuses of keeping up the home office work for the past 3 years. I got to be nearby to see him grow up into such a great little boy he that is. His little sister is due to arrive Thanksgiving week, lots to be thankful for this month!

Thankful Tuesday

Today I’m thankful for a morning spent with my son Adrian. Thankful that he let me wear his froggy hat to cover my bed head hair too. 😀

Adrian and Dad

It doesn’t have to be the 4th Thursday of November to be thankful. What things are you thankful for today?

Impromptu Portraits – Genna

Started something new last week – shooting without a schedule, kind of like I used to back when. See how many frames of 35mm were left in the Minolta X-370 and go snap a few for fun. Just grab a camera, ditch the plan, go shoot and see what happens. It worked like magic at the Underground Cafe and had friends collaborating and cracking up in no time. Today was a great day to be outdoors and after number crunches and office work I was ready to get outside before sunset with a camera and start snapping.

I asked a few friends who complained they were bored to join me to no avail, and before anyone else had a chance to reply to my request to go shoot my sis Genna had picked an outfit, styled up her hair, and was ready to go. (Being a stylist probably helps to know some shortcuts!)

I stopped by an old garage I’d seen countless times from the road and always meant to stop and shoot there. Perfect for spontaneity.

Genna's impromptu shoot

Looked around and found a nearby gravel driveway and gate.

Genna's impromptu shoot - gate

Genna's impromptu shoot - country road

And of course, I had to ask “You think you can jump in those shoes?” Always be ready for the answer. 😀

Genna's impromptu shoot - she flies!

(Think MadTV’s Stuart saying “Look what I can do!”)

I’ve gotta do this more often.

Personal: Night Light at Underground Cafe

More times that not I don’t bring a camera to the Underground cafe. Usually I’m busy mixing or lighting a band set, tired out, or eating while someone else mixes or lights a set. Tonight was more than well covered as Matt & Doug from One Way Audio brought in a new audio mixer to try out this week. This mixer is like the photography equivalent of having a full blown studio and new camera & lenses dropped in front of me. Way shiny, way cool, way helpful. We were more than well covered with these two pro technicians at front of house audio. (Think broadcast audio for Indy Car races, paid to go mix audio at the Wrigley Field and Notre Dame home games, and more.) Our headliner Paper Route brought an audio tech to fine tune their unique sound too, plus our two audio techs were both there, so I wasn’t needed to mix.

Got talking to some friends outside, and started snapping photos. The result is that of not having a game plan, not a whole lot of food, not much sleep, and lots of great laughs. Plus friends who are game for fun ideas can’t hurt.

Chris & Matt DFX band
Chris & Matt DFX band
Get jumped - 4 kids get air
Get jumped - 4 kids get air
Gravity is calling. Jump photo falling down.
Gravity is calling. Jump photo falling down.

Found a flashlight one of the bands left behind and used it for some painting with light portraits. Don’t leave shiny things that light up where I can find them. The bright light worked perfectly to paint this quick portrait. 6 second exposure, f/5.6-ish.

Ashley's paint with light portrait
Ashley's paint with light portrait

Switched it up for Mark’s last photo of being 20 years old. Just hours before his 21st birthday I fired up the “flashlight” app for my iPhone and found a green color to match his shirt. Nothing too fancy on this rather low-key photo. Not bad for 6 second exposures lit by a phone and distant street light. Not bad at all.

Mark's iPhone paint with light portrait
Mark's iPhone paint with light portrait

Lesson learned: try something new. Also keeping a tripod in the car and a flashlight nearby isn’t a bad idea.

Three Travelers – Thursday Thoughts

mispainted yellow traffic street lines converging

Tuesday I shared conversations with three good friends all hitting the road via different vehicles and heading all different directions. While all three know each other, they were probably unaware of each others’ travel plans and stories, at least till it sparked in dinner on the deck

The only traveler of the three not currently in Indiana is packing up in a few weeks to return to Europe, France in particular, Paris specifically. Entirely excited for a huge step ahead, probably still awake from the adrenaline of a short-notice international adventure ahead. A long conversation about very old photographic techniques and the writings of Ansel Adams had us both pondering the art and awe of photographs made on silver and gelatin not pixels and flash memory.

The second of the traveling trio drove over twice today during his time off between shifts at his new job of trucking. 18 wheels and a lot of interstate to see. Picked up a well worn acoustic guitar to try his skills at during the off-hours. He almost always stays around late to share a laugh, watch a movie, have a sundae.

The third traveler works in transportation as well, but will travel on two wheels and as much speed as his feet will pedal. He has rode and was planning to ride his bike to work this week – about 18 miles each way.

To you three, keep on trucking.

“Like I’d ever *stop* trucking” (Homer Simpson)

Chop Shop Stop

The weekend is winding down at last. Friday morning when I saw the weather forecast of 90˚+ and high humidity I decided it was time to find some scissors. I got my hair cut last sometime in May and it grew out pretty quick while we were busy with the spring and summer shoots. Luckily the scissors I found came with a stylist to guide the lawnmower shears for a nice short chop.

stop at the chop shop

These are also my two most photographed faces. The lazy eye scowl and the super cheese. I don’t think I’ve ever worn my glasses straight. This alone should serve as a pretty obvious reminder why I work behind cameras.

Sick and sick of feeling like it

Got home from the Underground Cafe’s sweet show with Darkroom, Jess Strantz, and Bradley Hathaway and… after 12 hours of show work I was beat. I was also feeling pretty sick. Gross. Watch out for the cooties, they’re out there.

Germ on the loose

Photos soon!

(FaceBook readers, check the “original post” link to see the illustration if it’s not showing up)

Itching to get outdoors

I’ve been itching to get outside and hike. Ok, itching and hiking aren’t a fun pair of words. I’ve been eager to go hike again soon. I came across a contact sheet print from my film classes when I lugged a nice Bronica SQ manual 120 rollfilm camera around with me while I hiked my favorite paths around Worster Lake.

Potato Creek’s Worster Lake, North Liberty, Indiana

Happy St. Patrick’s Day.  No green in these B&W shots, feel free to pinch em.