Monday Makeshfit Mayhem – the SuperSquid

It’s been a rainy day here in South Bend. Great for indoor work getting caught up, unpacking stuff from Art Beat (still finding glitter everywhere) and getting a few quick projects out of the way while photos back up and get sent out for orders.

Introducing the SuperSquid. 🙂 Location photographer’s battery charging helper.

On location photography shoots I usually run into the need for several chargers and very few power outlets. Other times I’ve packed the camera bags and forgotten the second, identical charger cable thinking it was already in the bag.

Camera battery charger mess

2 DSLR body battery chargers that use the same cable, 1 AA charger that needs a wall outlet…. hmm..

SuperSquid completed!

Tada! A splitter for camera AND flash battery chargers on ONE PLUG! (Informercial audience “oooh” here) The finished cable takes up as little or LESS ROOM than a standard AC charger cord.

Feeling brave or wanting to see if you still like a little jolt from the wall outlet? Check out the Instructable Do-It-Yourself Page HERE or send me a comment to order one custom made and avoid smelling like burnt toast.