Flashback Friday – Natalia & Jeff’s 10th Anniversary

Happy 10th Anniversary to newlyweds Natalia & Jeff!

Here are some of my favorites from their wedding ceremony at Saint Michael’s Church and reception at Plymouth Country Club in Plymouth, Indiana.

Bride enters Saint Michael's Church Plymouth Indiana

Saint Michael's wedding altar runner

Newlyweds wedding recessional Saint Michael's Church Plymouth Indiana


Full disclosure: I was a far less choosy editor and far less technically proficient photographer in 2006 and digging through the archives showed a lot of images that made me question my decision to proof them. The “artistic soft focus” image above and below were ones that lacked sharpness but conveyed an unedited, unscripted emotion in the moments after the newlyweds made their exit. I debated these candid images again in 2016, and when they appeared in my Instagram feed as some of Natalia’s favorites… I knew I kept these shots for a reason. They show a moment few others saw, and only two present felt the full elation of being pronounced husband and wife.

Bridal candid

Ccentennial Park Plymouth Indiana newlyweds portraits

Centennail Park wedding portrait Plymouth Indiana

Wedding Reception first dance dip

Newlyweds portraits Plymouth Country Club Indiana

bride and groom kiss candid portraits

It remains an honor to have told their wedding day story and celebrated with family and friends. Congrats, newlyweds, on your first decade, and to the decades ahead! -eB

Just Married! Katie & Brian

Palais Royale ballroom South Bend Indiana wedding dance 01

Congrats newlyweds Katie & Brian!

It finally feels like a summer weekend, and just in time for Katie & Brian’s wedding celebration! We started off in Plymouth while everyone prepared then headed to Saint Michael’s church where the newlyweds were married. After a drive north to South Bend it was time to celebrate the night away at the Palais Royale ballroom downtown.

Thanks to the Sikorski & Nifong families for inviting us to join your celebration and tell Katie & Brian’s wedding day story!

Check out their stunning summer wedding album designs here!

June Wedding Palais Royale Ballroom Reception Album


Attaboy – Everything Matters Tour – Plymouth, Indiana

When a concert promoter friend of mine texted me “man u have to see these guys’ road production stuff” I grabbed a camera and headed over to check out Attaboy & News From Verona’s Everything Matters Tour stop in Plymouth. The tour’s free (donations welcome!) and my experience of most bands bringing gear consisted of boxes to stand on that had flood lights in them, not much else.

From a production geek standpoint, I was impressed. It upstaged the lighting gear from most the local shows I’ve rigged and worked, pretty slick setup.

If geeking out over production setups isn’t your thing, here’s something everyone can appreciate: a show that looked as good as it sounded! And when a show looks good, it photographs all the better. Here’s a few favorites to illustrate.

News From Verona

News From Verona Indiana concert photographer eB Photography

Indiana live concert performance photographer eB Photography

Indiana live concert performance photographer eB Photography


Attaboy live concert performance photographer eB Photography

Attaboy Everything Matters Tour concert photographer eB Photography

Attaboy new guitarist Grifin rocking out

This guy Grifin was having such fun in the front row they recruited him to rock out on stage for a song.

Attaboy concert photography Plymouth Indiana event photographer

Attaboy piano acoustic guitar concert photography Indiana

Attaboy band tour concert lighting and sound stage set Indiana

If you get the chance, check out Attaboy and News From Verona on the Everything Matters Tour.

Congrats Ragan and Scott!

Fall wedding newlyweds portrait kiss

This last week and weekend was a whirlwind of fun with great couples!

Saturday we celebrated with Ragan and Scott to wrap up an awesome October. The day started off with the girls at Ancilla Domini Chapel on the campus of Ancilla College outside Plymouth, Indiana.

Ragan and Scott Breiter Wedding

Ragan and Scott Breiter Wedding

Scott getting ready – the guys were having a laugh warming up to roast him! Gotta have good laughs!

Ragan and Scott Breiter Wedding

Ragan and Scott Breiter Wedding

Ragan and her father ready to enter the chapel

Ragan and Scott Breiter Wedding

Scott when he first saw his bride

Ancilla Domini Chapel wedding groom


Ragan enters Ancilla Chapel

Ragan and Scott Breiter Wedding

I loved the architecture and ambiance – such an amazing chapel to photograph such a great couple!

Ragan and Scott Breiter Wedding

Newlyweds outside catching the best of the last October weekend.
(Technical note, I loved this shot with the 85mm lens wide open at f/1.8 – see how the grass and trees fall out of focus? Superb bokeh!)

Ancilla Domini Chapel wedding couple on capmus

Second version of it – the newlywed fall portrait
(50mm wide open at f/1.8 also has a painterly look to the background)

Ragan and Scott Breiter Wedding

Newlyweds outside Ancilla Domini Chapel

Ancilla Domini Chapel wedding doorway

Just married! Off to the celebration!

Limo Leaving Ancilla College - Ragan and Scott Breiter Wedding

Congrats again, Ragan and Scott!