Act natural – Couples Portrait Session Posing

This is what I got, two days / two shoots in a row when I mentioned “acting natural” during portraits.

facepalm of love

On second thought…

I wasn’t going to post the first outtake shot until I saw the same thing on the very next shoot. The very first frame of the next shoot. You guys crack me up. This is what keeps photo “work” from feeling like work. I needed the laughs after the long busy weekend.

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Fall portrait sessions

Indiana Michigan fall portrait sessions

You’re invited to pick a date and time of your choice for a great shoot with us! No pre-set backgrounds, banks of deer-in-the-headlight lighting, or giant number props, just location of your choice and an easygoing session!

Great time of year for . . .


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Trash the Dress

Family & Just Because Sessions

eB Photography

Personal: Night Light at Underground Cafe

More times that not I don’t bring a camera to the Underground cafe. Usually I’m busy mixing or lighting a band set, tired out, or eating while someone else mixes or lights a set. Tonight was more than well covered as Matt & Doug from One Way Audio brought in a new audio mixer to try out this week. This mixer is like the photography equivalent of having a full blown studio and new camera & lenses dropped in front of me. Way shiny, way cool, way helpful. We were more than well covered with these two pro technicians at front of house audio. (Think broadcast audio for Indy Car races, paid to go mix audio at the Wrigley Field and Notre Dame home games, and more.) Our headliner Paper Route brought an audio tech to fine tune their unique sound too, plus our two audio techs were both there, so I wasn’t needed to mix.

Got talking to some friends outside, and started snapping photos. The result is that of not having a game plan, not a whole lot of food, not much sleep, and lots of great laughs. Plus friends who are game for fun ideas can’t hurt.

Chris & Matt DFX band
Chris & Matt DFX band
Get jumped - 4 kids get air
Get jumped - 4 kids get air
Gravity is calling. Jump photo falling down.
Gravity is calling. Jump photo falling down.

Found a flashlight one of the bands left behind and used it for some painting with light portraits. Don’t leave shiny things that light up where I can find them. The bright light worked perfectly to paint this quick portrait. 6 second exposure, f/5.6-ish.

Ashley's paint with light portrait
Ashley's paint with light portrait

Switched it up for Mark’s last photo of being 20 years old. Just hours before his 21st birthday I fired up the “flashlight” app for my iPhone and found a green color to match his shirt. Nothing too fancy on this rather low-key photo. Not bad for 6 second exposures lit by a phone and distant street light. Not bad at all.

Mark's iPhone paint with light portrait
Mark's iPhone paint with light portrait

Lesson learned: try something new. Also keeping a tripod in the car and a flashlight nearby isn’t a bad idea.

No rain no rainbows

Also no tornado, lighting strikes or hail damage.

Between stormfronts I raced up to Lake Michigan with Lauren and Andrew for a great engagement shoot on the almost deserted Weko Beach in Bridgman, Michigan.

Weko Beach engagement portraits thunderstorm

“I was hoping for some lightning in the background… but you two are pretty electric!”(yes… I seriously said that. I was rather proud of how fast I thought of it, but man it was cheesy to hear aloud. Thanks for the courtesy laughs!)

Great laughs, SNICK television lineup trivia, and a relaxing afternoon hearing about their exciting August wedding ahead! More photos ahead…


Beth and Jeff’s Engagement Session

Memorial Day seriously messed with my internal calendar. From March till November my calendar weeks start on Saturday. This week, Monday became Saturday with a morning wedding and two evening portrait shoots. For all the caffeine I drank that morning and afternoon, I never felt tired out being on the go for 14 hours straight because of one of the best parts of my job – creative energy. It’s the stuff that can keep me bouncing around a reception dance floor till midnight snapping away.

Introducing Beth and Jeff, amazing Memorial Day couple #2 and stars of September 26th!

We had such a relaxing time wandering the wooded yard and rooms of the house. It felt less like fake-Saturday Monday and more like a lounging Sunday afternoon hearing all about Jeff’s proposal in the Hawaiian islands and sharing laughs while photographing these lovebirds.

Enough from me, some photos already!

Beth and Jeff Indiana Engagement Portrait Session

Ok one fun / odd one too. The bathroom had mirrors at every turn and made for some tricky angles to keep myself out of the photo and some strange reflections once I started shooting.

Hall of mirrors. Lots of reflections, maybe some cloning – the middle set of reflections has 2 Beths!

Hall of mirrors engagement portrait

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Trash the Dress – Sand Dune Style

On our way up to Lake Michigan I wondered if in fact we wouldn’t also be getting a bit messier than usual at a location shoot. Thunderstorms were in the forecast and we hit a good drizzle as we neared one of my favorite beaches, Weko Beach in Bridgman, Michigan. The rain was gone when we parked but there was lightning in the distance so I opted to keep the light stands and tripod in the car!

We started with some test shots and walked a ways down the shoreline when our brave trashee model noted the rain coming across the Lake. I saw clouds across the Lake and mentioned it would add a nice touch to the sky when I noticed what she was talking about. You could literally see the storm front’s edge as the calm water in front of us was quickly turned to splashing ripples of rain. I got cameras in the bag and threw the top closed as the wave of rainfall swept up the beach and soaked us and everything uncovered. Didn’t quite expect we’d be getting pretty trashed by weather while trashing a dress.

The sudden rain stopped as quickly as it arrived and the rest of the afternoon was dry and the sunset evening’s sky was filled with dramatic clouds.

Dune grass trash the dress

It wouldn’t be a summer Saturday night if I wasn’t skimming photos and posting a favorite before bedtime! Enjoy! (Many more to come!)

Celebrating with Amanda and Justin

While we’re out celebrating with Amanda and Justin, enjoy some of our favorites from their Engagement Session earlier this month! Form the Engagement Session there is a link to the wedding day gallery. Enjoy!

Quiet moments

On our way down the beach Justin saw this sand bar and he and Amanda were awesome sports and walked out into knee deep Lake Michigan water to stand on the sandbar.

Click a photo or CLICK HERE to view the Engagement Session and Wedding Day galleries!

Miriam’s Senior Session

Congrats, Miriam!

It’s amazing to see the youngest students of my 2002-2003 drama class now getting ready for graduation day. I was proud of them back then for all the hard work they put into our (elective) class, and I am even more proud as they get ready to celebrate all their hard work throughout high school. The most recent of our students to join us for a Senior Session was Miriam.

What started as a rainy few days turned out to be a vivid, sunny afternoon at the Japanese Gardens. Here are a few of my favorites from the shoot – enjoy!

Japanese Gardens spring Senior Portraits

Spring outdoor flower garden senior portraits

Japanese Gardens Bridge Senior Portraits

Shiojiri Niwa Japanese Gardens Senior Portraits



Warsaw Wedding Photography – Congrats Meghan and Jon!

Wedding Couple walking in park

What a toasty weekend we shared with Meghan & Jon in Warsaw! Here are a couple of my favorites so far…
bride and groom casual portrait ideas

This was the perfect summer weekend for sunshine! We started off at the park with Meghan and Jon before all the formal portraits at the church. They withstood the summer heat and came back with some great outdoor photos.

bride groom hackysack footbag

And when you pass friends playing hacky sack in the park, you jump right in! These two tore it up.

bride and groom casual portrait ideas

wedding ceremony fisheye lens shot down the aisle

bride groom wedding portrait silhouette

just married newlyweds showing off ring bling

newlywed candid backlit portraits

newlyweds birdseed exit

Behold the dangers of giving your friends, family and guests bird seed to throw when you make your exit…

wedding reception first dance parasols

I absolutely loved the paper parasols above the checkered dance floor! I don’t know if it was done with the photography in mind but it made for great soft light, excellent textures and patterns, and a unique look throughout the reception. My compliments to the creative forces behind this idea!

wedding-reception dance party

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