Geppetto and Son by Main Stage Inc.

Thursday I got out to see a family friend and her theater company perform Gepetto & Son at the Battell Center in Mishawaka, Indiana. The cast did a great job on opening night!

I’ve always been fascinated by stage productions. The anticipation, split timing and single-take, no-redo LIVE production always seems to be my favorite. I love mixing and producing a live concert. Studio recorded audio is a different world to me. The LIVE version is my preference in photography too – I get charged up from the energy as a bride and groom await their wedding ceremony and celebrate the night away. (Our Engagements and Senior Portrait sessions are pretty lively too, don’t get me wrong.) 😀

Back in 2002 I directed and produced a 3 act play with students in Junior and Senior High school, and it was no easy task. Director Jon West and Assistant Director Laura Miller have my respect and applause for what it must require to produce such a great production with most of the cast far younger than even mine was! Bravo!

The show is on for one more night, come see it for yourself TONIGHT, Friday April 23rd! Click HERE to view the event page with more info.

Stunt Groom? Jackpot.

While yesterday was abuzz with the new iPhone OS3.0 updates, I’ve got to hand it to Sprint’s clever direct-connect commercials. And of course, I’m a fan of all things production related. 🙂 And iPhones. Just to set the record straight.

What if film crews ran the world? On wedding days!


No rain, no rainbows! I’m hoping the weather plays nice for some great shoots this weekend. And by nice I mean dramatic skies and cool clouds. Rain… not so much.

If it doesn’t show up in a feed, check out the video here –

And of course, second favorite of this theme – What if Roadies Ran the World

Enjoy the weekend, lots more photos ahead!