Tales from the Assist – Cake vs Auto Exposure

Wedding Cake and Detail Lighting Tutorial

Alternately titled “When bad camera settings happen to good cakes

It wasn’t a pretty sight, such a tasty dessert under such unpleasant gymnasium lighting. One of the perks of playing around with ideas exploring concepts as an assistant allows me moments to peruse photographic studies of ambient lighting, off-camera illumination, and the posting of my comparisons thereof.

Wedding Cake Lighting Tutorial lit full
The finished image with 2 off-camera lights – no additional editing!

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Flashback Friday – Natalia & Jeff’s 10th Anniversary

Happy 10th Anniversary to newlyweds Natalia & Jeff!

Here are some of my favorites from their wedding ceremony at Saint Michael’s Church and reception at Plymouth Country Club in Plymouth, Indiana.

Bride enters Saint Michael's Church Plymouth Indiana

Saint Michael's wedding altar runner

Newlyweds wedding recessional Saint Michael's Church Plymouth Indiana


Full disclosure: I was a far less choosy editor and far less technically proficient photographer in 2006 and digging through the archives showed a lot of images that made me question my decision to proof them. The “artistic soft focus” image above and below were ones that lacked sharpness but conveyed an unedited, unscripted emotion in the moments after the newlyweds made their exit. I debated these candid images again in 2016, and when they appeared in my Instagram feed as some of Natalia’s favorites… I knew I kept these shots for a reason. They show a moment few others saw, and only two present felt the full elation of being pronounced husband and wife.

Bridal candid

Ccentennial Park Plymouth Indiana newlyweds portraits

Centennail Park wedding portrait Plymouth Indiana

Wedding Reception first dance dip

Newlyweds portraits Plymouth Country Club Indiana

bride and groom kiss candid portraits

It remains an honor to have told their wedding day story and celebrated with family and friends. Congrats, newlyweds, on your first decade, and to the decades ahead! -eB

Melissa & Jim’s Bridal Party Dance – Video!

Thanks everybody for the flood of requests for reminders to see the wedding photos! While I’m working on the edits…

In my 8 years of wedding photography I’ve never before personally seen a bride and groom put together such a dance routine mix, and even more to have the entire bridal party – a pregnant bridesmaid, the bubble girl and everyone in between – tear it up for this dance!

I’m counting a whopping 15 song medley for their choreographed bridal party dance at the reception. Whoa!

  • The Right Stuff – New Kids on the Block
  • Born to Hand Jive – Grease
  • Keep On (Dancin’) – I’m hearing the Brady Bunch kids on that one
  • Billie Jean – Michael Jackson
  • Thriller – Michael Jackson
  • Ice Ice Baby – Vanilla Ice
  • Can’t Touch This – MC Hammer
  • Apache (Jump On It) – Sugar Hill Gang
  • Bye Bye Bye – N*Sync
  • Hey Ya – Outkast
  • Dirt Off Your Shoulder – Jay Z
  • Sexy Back – Justin Timberlake
  • I’m Too Sexy – Right Said Fred (Groom Jim walking the catwalk!)
  • It’s Goin’ Down – Yung Joc
  • Let’s Get Married (remix) – Jagged Edge / Run DMC

[youtube width=”600″ height=”486″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mZ4Nvua2ens[/youtube]

Wow. Nicely done everybody!

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Now if that goofy photographer would just pick a spot to take pictures from and stay out of the way… oops, sorry!

Dianna and Brian’s 5th Anniversary! Congrats!

Country Club Wedding couple

South Bend Indiana Country Club Wedding Couple

Happy 5th anniversary newlyweds Dianna & Brian! We get lots of compliments on the red trimmed wedding dress Dianna styled in her May 2006 wedding! Very vibrant day out on the greens at South Bend Country Club.

South Bend Indiana Country Club Reception Cake Cutting

The newlyweds cut one of the first wedding cakes we photographed with custom topper (or middler) – a model of Brian’s Grand National used the lower tier for parking.

South Bend Indiana Country Club Reception Dance

Did I mention we loved the red trimmed wedding dress the bride picked for the big day? 😀 The new Mr & Mrs out for a first dance sent it spinning!

Congrats newlyweds!

Lauren and Andrew’s Basilica Wedding at Notre Dame

Bride and Groom at Basilica of the Sacred Heart Notre Dame

Who says rain on your wedding day is bad news? I loved the things the rain did for photos of Lauren and Andrew’s wedding at the Basilica of the Sacred Heart on Notre Dame Campus. Andrew and the gents walked from the Morris Inn on campus to the Basilica and the sprinkle was no match for the determined groomsmen.

Notre Dame Campus quad in rain

Notre Dame Basilica wedding bride and father

Basilica of the Sacred Heart Wedding Lady Chapel

ND Basilica Wedding Lady Chapel

Basilica of the Sacred Heart Wedding first kiss

Notre Dame Basilica wedding recessional

Newlyweds at Basilica of the Sacred Heart Wedding

Bride Groom Basilica of the Sacred Heart Notre Dame

Besides making puddles and rainbows, rainy shoots are great for

  • Saturated colors, textures, and puddles to use for reflections!
  • Rainbows! (none that I saw Saturday though)
  • Very few people meandering campus!
  • Kept things cool for the 11am mass when the evening was nothing short of sweltering!
  • And of course, proving just how determined a couple is to enjoy their day regardless of weather!

It was no surprise that “A Touch of Whimsy” was their unofficial theme. You couldn’t have stopped Lauren and Andrew from smiling if you had tried!

Newlyweds walk campus for portraits at the Grotto and Saint Joseph’s Lake

Notre Dame Basilica Wedding Photographers eB Photography

Bride veil blowing in wind

Perfectly refreshing breeze sends the veil flying outside the Golden Dome 🙂

Notre Dame Basilica Wedding Photographers eB Photography


Bride Groom Grotto at Notre Dame

The Morris Inn not only kept us very cool for the reception but the large windows provided magically diffused light throughout the room. It was like having a wall made out of softboxes (non-technical translation = very happy photographer!)

Notre Dame Basilica Wedding Photographers eB Photography

Beaming Bride and Groom share a first dance.

Notre Dame Basilica Wedding Photographers eB Photography

Congrats Lauren & Andrew! Go enjoy that Honeymoon!


So you think you can dance? – Reception action snap

I know I can’t.

At the risk of my adorable son overtaking this blog – and you know photos of him sure could – I’m putting up some favorites from last year’s amazing year of amazing couples.

I love a good rowdy dance floor. Not because I can dance, but because I get to put my action photography into practice. Here’s one of my favorite dance photos from last year, a crazy flip or spin move that ended the rowdiest rendition of Footloose I’ve ever been in the middle of! Seconds before one gent did a jumping toe-touch splits and that was enough to break out the big guns and this move.

Enjoy, and keep on dancing!

Warsaw Wedding Photography – Congrats Meghan and Jon!

Wedding Couple walking in park

What a toasty weekend we shared with Meghan & Jon in Warsaw! Here are a couple of my favorites so far…
bride and groom casual portrait ideas

This was the perfect summer weekend for sunshine! We started off at the park with Meghan and Jon before all the formal portraits at the church. They withstood the summer heat and came back with some great outdoor photos.

bride groom hackysack footbag

And when you pass friends playing hacky sack in the park, you jump right in! These two tore it up.

bride and groom casual portrait ideas

wedding ceremony fisheye lens shot down the aisle

bride groom wedding portrait silhouette

just married newlyweds showing off ring bling

newlywed candid backlit portraits

newlyweds birdseed exit

Behold the dangers of giving your friends, family and guests bird seed to throw when you make your exit…

wedding reception first dance parasols

I absolutely loved the paper parasols above the checkered dance floor! I don’t know if it was done with the photography in mind but it made for great soft light, excellent textures and patterns, and a unique look throughout the reception. My compliments to the creative forces behind this idea!

wedding-reception dance party

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