For Whom the Bell Tolls – Brandi & Matt’s Metallica Wedding

And now for something completely different.

Punk goth rock wedding bridal party offbeat wedding photographer

I met Brandi and Matt through rock concerts so it’s no surprise their customized, personalized wedding was nothing shy of ROCKING too. Elements of Alice in Wonderland, goth, punk, vintage pin-up styles, rock shows graced their celebration at the theatrical auditorium in the Scottish Rite building in downtown South Bend, Indiana.

I got a special backstage passes to this rock show wedding and helped plan this extraordinary celebration.

Pinup punk goth bride red black hair tophat veil

Red and black were featured in everything from Brandi’s wedding dress, hairstyle, the gents’ tuxedos, bridesmaid dresses, and accessories.

Metallica’s “For Whom the Bell Tolls” rang out and the bridal party paired up and made their way to the front. Brandi entered with her parents to join Matt.

Punk Goth Rock Red & Black Theater Wedding

The lush red velvet stage curtain and wooden tones fit Brandi’s ideas perfectly.

Goth metal rock boots wedding accessories

I’ve seen a variety of different shoes for weddings, and think the groom and guys should have a little fun with their tuxes too. Matt had the first pair or buckle boots I’ve seen at a wedding.

Black and red wedding dress, top hat and tux

Coffin wedding podium prop artwork - Offbeat wedding photographer

‘Til Death – Custom coffin podium by the Father of the Bride.

Goth rock offbeat wedding handfasting ceremony photographer

Handfasting Ceremony, black Unity candle with skeleton hands. Love it.

Skeleton black unity candle offbeat wedding photographer

Punk goth lolita bridesmaid dresses offbeat wedding photographer

Red and black ribbons, plaid, zippers, buckles, studded, heart patches… the bridesmaids styled them all. Great snap by JR.

Goth punk rock rockabilly metallica wedding groom in top hat


Easygoing snap of Matt greeting the guests, window light does the trick. Red podium uplight for a little more sinister look, devious was an easy expression.

Goth rock rockabilly Metallica wedding groom skeleton


Pinup Bride Hairstyle First Dance

First dance to Green Day’s “Last Night on Earth”

Custom red & black painted goth rock offbeat wedding cake topper

Personalized & painted wedding cake topper couple and blood red drip frosting. Delicious.

Offbeat nontraditional Wedding headbanging photographer

Groom and groomsmen headbanging to Metallica with the Father of the Bride: priceless. Rocking reception soundtrack!

Favorite quote of the day – “It really WAS a rock show – we had mic feedback, wardrobe malfunctions fixed with gaff tape, a big stage…” – and a rocking couple, I might add. Congrats newlyweds!


Whether it’s traditional or something a little different, I’d love to tell your story – drop me a line to see how I can tell your wedding story!


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Matt’s Senior Session

I was pretty stoked while planning Matt’s Senior Session that I heard he was in a band. I’ve been mixing audio for live, local music since the early days back in the Underground basement. Whenever I have extra crew to run things I’ll grab a camera and head for the stage to photograph the energy of a live rock show.

Meet Matt, guitarist & vocals for punk band Late Work Policy

Senior portrait guitarist black and white

Off camera flash on a sunny day? Yes, thank you.

Ambient light nice & even – very chill but lacking some of the punch in the hard lighting above.

Senior portrait guitarist candid

Best of luck in the last few weeks of classes, and with the music Matt!

Tessa & Jonny’s Copshaholm Mansion Garden Wedding

Rain on your wedding day has nothing to do with luck or irony.

It poured last Friday before an outdoor wedding and bride and groom Tessa & Jonny were chill the whole time. I don’t think I saw them worry about it once. When you’ve had an amazing love story like theirs come together from across oceans, a little rainfall is nothing to fret.

It rained, it poured, and we scurried to cover for the camera gear and tarped down all the audio gear for the ceremony… and the skies cleared. (Seriously, it was just after I committed to getting out the rain gear and shooting outside no matter what – bam – rain stopped!)

Top off the dry sky with a burst of sunlight and everything was set for a great evening wedding ceremony in the gardens!

Oliver Mansion Wedding at Copshaholm Staircase

Bride adorned Copshaholm Mansion Garden Wedding

Drying off - Copshaholm Mansion Garden Wedding
Drying off – flying towels included – Copshaholm Mansion Garden Wedding
Bride on the Carriage House staircase - Copshaholm Mansion Garden Wedding
Bride on the Carriage House staircase – Copshaholm Mansion Garden Wedding
SUN! One of the best sights before the wedding at Oliver Mansion Garden
SUN! One of the best sights before the wedding at Oliver Mansion Garden
Bride and Father - Copshaholm Mansion Garden Wedding
Bride and Father descend the stiarcase
Groom at the wedding ceremony altar outside Copshaholm Mansion
Groom at the wedding ceremony altar outside Copshaholm Mansion

Father gives away Bride - Copshaholm Mansion Garden Wedding

Many Waters Cannot Quench Love - rainy outdoor Garden Wedding
Many Waters Cannot Quench Love

Looks of love - Copshaholm Mansion Garden Wedding

Bee's knees - Copshaholm Mansion Garden Wedding
Bee’s knees

Sun at Tessa & Jonny's Copshaholm Mansion Garden Wedding

Oliver Mansion Garden Arbor


To Have and to Hold - Copshaholm Mansion Garden Wedding
Newlyweds – Copshaholm Mansion Garden Wedding

Oliver Mansion Wedding Carriage House Reception

So happy together - Copshaholm Mansion Garden Wedding
So happy together – Copshaholm Mansion Garden Wedding
Horse & Carraige Escape - Copshaholm Mansion Garden Wedding
Horse & Carraige Escape – Copshaholm Mansion Garden Wedding

Congrats Tessa & Jonny, a clear day wouldn’t have done as well to remind me how awesome of friends and clients I have. You guys didn’t even seem to blink at the rain outside while you prepared for your wonderful celebration. It was excellent to celebrate with you and your friends and family from Northern Ireland, UK, Philippines, Australia, California and across the USA!


Friday wedding with friends

I love exciting wedding days. Seriously. I love how friends, families, and the community comes together to share in the celebration.

Tomorrow we share in one of my favorite parts of my photography as we tell a friend’s wedding story for Tessa and Jonny.

More photos to come!

Sneak Peek – Mary & Josh

Sneak peek from Mary’s salon time at the Beehive in South Bend. Time to head out for the wedding and celebration!

Mary Catanzarite & Josh Martin Wedding

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Beth and Jeff’s Engagement Session

Memorial Day seriously messed with my internal calendar. From March till November my calendar weeks start on Saturday. This week, Monday became Saturday with a morning wedding and two evening portrait shoots. For all the caffeine I drank that morning and afternoon, I never felt tired out being on the go for 14 hours straight because of one of the best parts of my job – creative energy. It’s the stuff that can keep me bouncing around a reception dance floor till midnight snapping away.

Introducing Beth and Jeff, amazing Memorial Day couple #2 and stars of September 26th!

We had such a relaxing time wandering the wooded yard and rooms of the house. It felt less like fake-Saturday Monday and more like a lounging Sunday afternoon hearing all about Jeff’s proposal in the Hawaiian islands and sharing laughs while photographing these lovebirds.

Enough from me, some photos already!

Beth and Jeff Indiana Engagement Portrait Session

Ok one fun / odd one too. The bathroom had mirrors at every turn and made for some tricky angles to keep myself out of the photo and some strange reflections once I started shooting.

Hall of mirrors. Lots of reflections, maybe some cloning – the middle set of reflections has 2 Beths!

Hall of mirrors engagement portrait

Click the photos above or
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Congrats Molly & Aaron!

What a day to celebrate with Molly & Aaron! Probably the best weather of the year to kick of the Memorial Day weekend for this wonderful wedding day with the Abernethy and Roussell families. The newlyweds were an absolute blast to spend the day alongside enjoying the happiness between them, the laughs shared from siblings’ toasts, the live music and festivities of the reception – the day flew by in an easygoing breeze!

Congrats you guys! Many more photos to come!

Partying at the Palais

Saturday I joined 3 fellow photographers to snap away and celebrate Rachel & Ivan’s wedding celebration at the Palais Royale ballroom in downtown South Bend. While working with Matthew from Zeta Alpha Studios on what was undoubtedly the biggest and busiest wedding day shoot of the year for all 4 of us was also probably the most fun I’ve had behind the scenes hanging out with Ivan and the guys. What a riot.

Palais Royale Wedding Photography by EB Photography

Here’s one of my favorite photos from the ceremony, and the reason I keep a fisheye lens within reach for these wide shots of the celebration.
Ivan gets ready to party at the Palais

Ivan’s pumped up for the big day!

Ivan and the South city skyline

Ivan and the South Bend Skyline

Rachel & Ivan\'s first glimpses at the Palais Royale

Rachel and Ivan’s first glimpses of each other at the Palais Royale ballroom

Quiet moments at the Morris Auditorium balcony

Quiet moments with the couple in the Morris Auditorium foyer before the ceremony
(huge thanks to their event director for the hookup!)

Ivan & Rachel in the Morris Auditorium Foyer Balcony

Rachel & Ivan in the foyer balcony

Some of the coolest guest favors - custom tickets!

Super cool guest favors – custom tickets!

Introducing the newlyweds

Introducing the newlyweds!

Ah the Palais in springtime

Ah the Palais in springtime! Thanks Rachel, Ivan and everyone there for all the fun last weekend!

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