Monday Makeshfit Mayhem – the SuperSquid

It’s been a rainy day here in South Bend. Great for indoor work getting caught up, unpacking stuff from Art Beat (still finding glitter everywhere) and getting a few quick projects out of the way while photos back up and get sent out for orders.

Introducing the SuperSquid. 🙂 Location photographer’s battery charging helper.

On location photography shoots I usually run into the need for several chargers and very few power outlets. Other times I’ve packed the camera bags and forgotten the second, identical charger cable thinking it was already in the bag.

Camera battery charger mess

2 DSLR body battery chargers that use the same cable, 1 AA charger that needs a wall outlet…. hmm..

SuperSquid completed!

Tada! A splitter for camera AND flash battery chargers on ONE PLUG! (Informercial audience “oooh” here) The finished cable takes up as little or LESS ROOM than a standard AC charger cord.

Feeling brave or wanting to see if you still like a little jolt from the wall outlet? Check out the Instructable Do-It-Yourself Page HERE or send me a comment to order one custom made and avoid smelling like burnt toast.

Drobo arigato, data roboto

Last week we added some robotics to the office to back up thousands of photographs while we aren’t looking / are working / taking care of Adrian. After a long debate, mostly of internal monologue arguments, I decided to try the Drobo, a “data storage robot.”


(Cool photo, not even mine)

Currently it’s doing it’s robot work with 2 500gb Western Digital SATA hard drives, and is about 70% full. One of the hugely beneficial things of the Drobo system is that when I need more room I just add another drive and the Drobo will figure out the backup scheme. While the Drobo is a more pricey backup than say, buying a pair of external drives, the ability to seamlessly add more storage and have all files appear as a single “drive” on the desktop means finding them is simple stuff.

How simple? Add drives, plug it in and drop stuff into the drive. It does what I really lack the concentration or reminders to do by duplicating all the files so that I have an instant backup.

Drobo data at risk

Zorks! 5 hours to dupe 300gb? I don’t remember how long it took to clone the info but I could use the info while it was being duplicated so it wasn’t down time. This was the initial robitics at work when I started with one drive and added the second. When running with two drives the clone work is done while you copy / move / save files and there’s no “yellow alert” warning as pictured above. Otherwise It looks like and works like any other external drive.

Drobo data safe

By the time I weighed options and crunched numbers and prepared to order, there’s a NEW Firewire800 version out that dropped the prce on the USB version I wanted. Unexpected cash savings.

That is neat. []