Happy Half-Birthday Madeline!

While today is my youngest sister Genna and cousin Jeni’s birthdays, 5th wedding anniversaries of two cool couples (Kristin & Nate, Kristy & Matt – both with new little daughters!) it’s also MY daughter Madeline’s 6 month birthday.

6 month old baby portraits

She hasn’t wasted any time learning how to roll over, working on crawling, and gabbing away to let everyone know what’s on her mind. She’s not a fan of teething but likes the frozen fruit smoothies Dad made for a snack. When she’s not teething or napping she’s pretty much all smiles and giggles. Sugar, spice, everything nice, things like that.

Happy half birthday Maddie! Dad, Mom and big brother Adrian love you!

(She said I could have the last piece of chocolate cake, too.)

Collaboration – BWW Poster Concept

Promotional poster graphic design collaboration

Part 2 of our earlier collaboration project – Phil’s finished designs.

I merely supplied cameras and lighting, a little bit of arranging folks but the final edit far outshines the straight out of camera shots I left with Phil to begin his poster designs. I was excited to see how his ideas would transform the photos into his finished poster, and am thrilled to share it here!

But first, a word from the artist.

This was a labor of love that took a lot of time and help from some friends. This promotional piece is 54″x24″ and will be hung up at the Buffalo Wild Wings located in the Village at Coventry in Fort Wayne, Indiana. It may be at other locations but not many.

I am not making any profit off of this so if any of you work for BWW corporate, no lawsuits please. :p

The photography was done by my friend Eric Bucholtz of eBphotography.com.

The models are my roommates Austin (far left) and Kelli (girl on top of couch aka my gf), and the others (all employees of BWW Coventry) are myself, Alisa, Serena and Stephen.

I’m so glad I finally finished this. Thank you, to those that helped take from a sketch to reality.

I will not be selling copies of this poster (that would be illegal) but if you work at a Buffalo Wild Wings and think you’d like this poster displayed at your store, send me a message [through dA] or email me at illuminist.designs@gmail.com and I will inform you of the information needed. Thank you.

I’ll add that in addition to posters to display, drop Phil a line about your own creative promotional piece ideas to see more of his graphic work in action. Well done!

Get on with the pictures already!

Check out the full version here.

Collaboration – Behind the Scenes

At the end of March I packed up an SUV worth of lighting and photo gear and headed to Fort Wayne to join a friend and visual artist cohort for a day of throwing around ideas for a poster concept he’d been working on for his employers.

Back during his 5-ish years as the Underground Cafe’s resident DJ and lighting designer, Phil came up with some pretty slick shows mixing music between bands and lighting up the stage when they played. He left town to study graphic design and the concerts sorely missed his mixing and lighting skills ever since. (Trust me, I’ve filled in both areas and it’s not the same whatsoever. I am a tech geek that keeps things running smoothly, not a crowd-rocker.)

If you’re following us on Facebook I posted a behind the scenes video there last month for a little preview of the shoot – here it is again to enjoy before the final poster design is shown – enjoy!

Part 2 coming later today!

Chris’ Senior Session

I started out last week with a lineup of shoots and the expectation of a little walking and fresh air while photographing some cool folks. I met Chris on Notre Dame University Campus and was pretty stoked he was up for a wander around campus without any pre-planned shots (read: make photographer think on his feet).

We wandered away from Notre Dame Avenue, the Golden Dome, football stadium, Basilica and lakes in search of some new sites. Granted by “new” I mean not the usual requested spots – not that there’s anything wrong with that. Good to explore a little and just see what you run across.

Thanks again, Chris, best of luck on the last few weeks of classes!

Check out more of our Seniors Sessions here!

Day of Rest

My kids were snuggling up for a nap and one of those sweet, quiet moments that go by way too fast. It didn’t take me twice to think about grabbing a camera! Hope your Sunday is a restful, relaxing conclusion to the weekend! – Eric & the napping Maddie & Adrian

First Week of the New Year & Decade

The first week of the year and decade was, in a word, nonstop. Avalanche of snowfall in northern Indiana. Cabin fever. Car repair. More cabin fever. And lots of time with these two blue eyed kiddos. What better opportunity for a dad and photographer to spend time with and photograph two of his favorite people in the entire world?

Madeline’s eyes looked hazel when she was born but I’m pretty sure they’re staying blue like her big brother and her Mama’s eyes are. She was rather content to wiggle by herself a bit while I played with Adrian – a welcome break from wanting to be constantly picked up – so I let her stretch out on the turquoise blanket a friend knitted (crocheted?) for Adrian.

Adrian has always been my camera ham. He didn’t want to be left out and hopped right up into the chair when I got Maddie back to her crib. He was behaving so well and sitting still (at the same time no less!) I got Madeline to sit with him for some photos that have been favorites ever since. Two sets of blue eyes melted their father’s heart with a huge smile.

And just like that, they went back to playing. Madeline discussed with her older brother Adrian the finer points of taking extended naps. I think he listened, too, and Daddy got a few minutes to make phone calls while the kiddies slept. 😀

Beat the cabin fever – drop us a line or a call to set up a winter shoot for you, your family, your children or all of the above!

Resolution for 2010

My hope and resolution for 2010 this New Year’s Eve:

Friends to act like friends,

Neighbors to act like neighbors,

And for me to be a better one of each.

Happy New Year, friends.

Of nostalgia and bulky metal cameras

Argus C4. C-4, C-Four 35mm
Argus C4. C-4, C-Four 35mm

(Fans and friends on Facebook have probably read bits about this project along the way… join the fun)

Early last December a friend of mine posted photos of a classy Argus C-44R 35mm camera. Great 1950s design, shiny metal camera body, very clean looked like a fantastic find! It reminded me of a camera I had on a shelf, shutter not firing. I inherited my Argus C4 in early 1999 when my family’s shutterbug, my Grandpa, passed away. I loved photography since I got started snapping with a 35mm in high school, and Grandpa and I talked about camera news of the day like “APS film! Is it as good as 35mm?” The year before he passed away we had great shop talk while I helped provide in home care for him during the day. I’ll fondly remember times of us leafing through our copies of Popular Photography and talking about our favorite hobby.

I wanted to shoot with the Argus camera since I took it out of the box of camera oddities my uncle gave me. Seeing a friend’s photos of a very similar camera only reignited the desire to see it working again. The night I saw the photos I did what any self respecting Bucholtz male would do – I took it apart on the spot.

There’s something marvelous about opening a machine and seeing how it all works. I instantly knew what my dad found so intriguing about working on older cars that are more mechanical than computerized. I saw the problem instantly and began to find ways to repair it. With the camera now open there was no putting it back together without it working again. I wouldn’t do it, it felt unfair to know what needed to be repaired and forget it. (And maybe that’s why dad’s garage is also full of parts for various older cars.)

I decided that before the year was through I would have the camera working again, and this December I heard the shutters snap for the first time in 10 years. It is almost the same feeling of awe and mystery as when I got my first 35mm camera almost 15 years ago.

The day I got it working I posted this bit on facebook, and I have photos and more story to come. Enjoy.

I better understand the mystique and appreciation for restoring classic cars – today I got my Grandpa’s 1953 Argus C-Four 35mm camera snapping again, 10 years after I inherited it from the family’s original shutterbug. Shooting a test roll with this stylish mechanical, metal, all manual rangefinder camera feels incredibly nostalgic using an early camera one of the people that first got me interested in photography used decades ago. This roll’s for you Gramps.