Melissa & Jim’s Bridal Party Dance – Video!

Thanks everybody for the flood of requests for reminders to see the wedding photos! While I’m working on the edits…

In my 8 years of wedding photography I’ve never before personally seen a bride and groom put together such a dance routine mix, and even more to have the entire bridal party – a pregnant bridesmaid, the bubble girl and everyone in between – tear it up for this dance!

I’m counting a whopping 15 song medley for their choreographed bridal party dance at the reception. Whoa!

  • The Right Stuff – New Kids on the Block
  • Born to Hand Jive – Grease
  • Keep On (Dancin’) – I’m hearing the Brady Bunch kids on that one
  • Billie Jean – Michael Jackson
  • Thriller – Michael Jackson
  • Ice Ice Baby – Vanilla Ice
  • Can’t Touch This – MC Hammer
  • Apache (Jump On It) – Sugar Hill Gang
  • Bye Bye Bye – N*Sync
  • Hey Ya – Outkast
  • Dirt Off Your Shoulder – Jay Z
  • Sexy Back – Justin Timberlake
  • I’m Too Sexy – Right Said Fred (Groom Jim walking the catwalk!)
  • It’s Goin’ Down – Yung Joc
  • Let’s Get Married (remix) – Jagged Edge / Run DMC

Wow. Nicely done everybody!

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Now if that goofy photographer would just pick a spot to take pictures from and stay out of the way… oops, sorry!

Zack Arias sums it up in video

“Johnny 5, now you are hitting the nail right between the eyes.”

Wow. I caught this video following Zack Arias‘ blog.

For those of you outside the photography world, this week is the WPPI (Wedding and Portrait Photographers International) convention in Vegas. Yes, warm Vegas. Shiny, warm, not Indiana Vegas where rock star photographers show you shiny new books, cameras, software and toys related to making you an awesome photographer. Everyone pats each other on the back and has sparkles in their teeth when they smile. They’re all booked for a year straight and still have time to travel the globe and make awesome photos, albums, software, and…….

It’s my week of skipping almost every single blog post, Twitter tweet, and email news update from these photographers because one stuck in a rainy, snowy gray Indiana can be quickly overwhelmed at reading “this is so awesome” so many times a day while feeling totally left out of the fun. (And I’m pretty sure it’s marketed that way on purpose.)

And in this winter funk… much needed inspiration and reminders to push on have come over and over in the last week. This one sums it up best. Enjoy.

If you don’t see this video check it here

Tuesday thoughts and twisters v.2

Last night I got to test out our “Emergency Storm Warning / Evacuation / Baby visits Grandparents plan” when we had word of severe storms and 75-100mph winds as well as tornado warnings heading straight for us. We don’t have a basement here should a tornado appear, and Adrian loves visiting Grandma and Grandpa. (They have cable, too!) Aside from a really cool lightning show and some downpours, there were barely leaves down on the lawn. But had it been an actual emergency, everything was safe and all our business stuff was out of harm’s way. Just as rehearsed.

Every time there’s a good storm I ponder being a storm chaser or first responder. I love storms, and hold in high regard the public safety officials who go INTO harm’s way to help others. I have flashlights ready, turn on the weather radio, have a basic first aid kit in the car… so location and wedding photography should be a breeze no matter what comes our way. I have rain gear ready for photography too! 🙂 I’ve already had to head for a hotel basement when tornado sirens had guests at a tent reception taking a break from dinner to head to safety in June.

I’m converting our Twister VHS into a DVD today. Flying cows and trucker weather nerds here we come!

– – – – – – –

I lived on a ship during a tropical storm and am glad it never got uglier than storm swells. The marina was pretty isolated so I got a light meter and started taking photos in the dark. Just street lights and the moon to light up long exposures. On film. Man to know what I do now, using the cameras I do now back when I traveled… ugh!

– – – – – – –

I love the idea of an organized office, and I’m getting there. It’s mind-boggling how fast stuff stacks up here.