Katie & Lawrence’s Snowy December Engagement Anniversary Portraits

Perfectly fitting snow day post. (Reports of nearly 2-3 feet of drifting snow in the last 24 hours here in South Bend!)

Just before Christmas Katie and Lawrence caught up with me for a sunny and snowy winter engagement session. Turns out the date was the 1-year anniversary of their engagement! In addition to the celebration it was also a perfectly mild winter afternoon to head out to some trails for great photos and good laughs along the way.

snowy winter engagement portraits in woods

snowy winter engagement portraits icicles

December Christmas engagement portraits

snowy winter engagement portraits in woods

Congrats Soonlyweds! We’re loolking forward to your autumn celebration ahead!

See more of the session in our proof gallery, facebook, and engagements page. Enjoy!

Tyler & Dakota’s Winter Engagement Session

I wrapped up December and 2010 with two wintry engagement sessions before Christmas and 2011 arrived. Started the year’s finale with Tyler & Dakota on a bitter cold morning downtown. 9:00 am sounds like a good start until Indiana winter decides to blast you with icy wind! We ducked inside nearby buildings between gusts of wind for a mix of indoor and outdoor wintry engagement portraits.

winter indoor engagement portrait idea

Indoor winter engagement portrait idea 2

Outdoor winter engagement portrait ideas

winter engagement portrait indoor ideas

Christmas tree outdoor engagement portrait ideas

The snow’s back in Indiana in full force today, stay toasty! Drop me a line to set up your own engagement or portrait shoot!

Zack Arias sums it up in video

“Johnny 5, now you are hitting the nail right between the eyes.”

Wow. I caught this video following Zack Arias‘ blog.

For those of you outside the photography world, this week is the WPPI (Wedding and Portrait Photographers International) convention in Vegas. Yes, warm Vegas. Shiny, warm, not Indiana Vegas where rock star photographers show you shiny new books, cameras, software and toys related to making you an awesome photographer. Everyone pats each other on the back and has sparkles in their teeth when they smile. They’re all booked for a year straight and still have time to travel the globe and make awesome photos, albums, software, and…….

It’s my week of skipping almost every single blog post, Twitter tweet, and email news update from these photographers because one stuck in a rainy, snowy gray Indiana can be quickly overwhelmed at reading “this is so awesome” so many times a day while feeling totally left out of the fun. (And I’m pretty sure it’s marketed that way on purpose.)

And in this winter funk… much needed inspiration and reminders to push on have come over and over in the last week. This one sums it up best. Enjoy.

If you don’t see this video check it here http://blip.tv/file/1785698/

Power of Positive Thinking

Ok, it was more than positive daydreaming, it was an entire city, state, and region of the country getting tired of the cold. But finally, WE’RE ABOVE ZERO AGAIN!

14 degrees ABOVE zero!

This marks a 33˚ difference from the record-tying -19˚ it was yesterday.

Stay toasty. I’m gonna go enjoy some positive temperatures.

First Wedding of the New Year – Indianapolis Wedding

Wedding photographers have it easy, we only have to work one day a week. (ha!)

Let’s review this one by the numbers:

  • Running on 2 hours of sleep (excitement is contagious)
  • in 20 minutes at 2am I will have been up for 24 hours since those 2 hours of sleep
  • it took 6 hours of car travel and
  • 2 Amp energy drinks,
  • 2 cups of coffee,
  • 1 glass of Coke to ready and use…
  • 5 Nikon cameras
  • (more lenses than I can count right now)
  • 3 remote lights
  • two geeky photographers to perform…
  • 12 hours of wedding day photography at
  • 1 awesome couple’s wonderful celebration

Indianapolis Indiana Rooftop Ballroom Wedding Photographer

I’m pretty amazed, considering the numbers. Creative excitement makes for some serious energy bursts. Caffeine is good too, but inspiration keeps me up more than anything.

It was an awesome start to the year to join forces with Matt at Zeta-Alpha Studio again, see a handful of former brides we’ve photographed all get together for Katie and Peter’s Indianapolis wedding day celebration. As Matt put it when we walked into the salon at 9am, “it’s like spending a day with old friends.”

Lastly – glad to be home. 🙂 I missed my baby Adrian and my wife every time I saw cute babies and heard a bride and groom I photographed with Matt in 2005 are expecting twins! Congrats Jessica and Rob! Great to see you guys again!


Congrats Christmas Couple Katie & Nathan

Happy 2nd Anniversary!

What an awesome first Christmas these two celebrated back in 2006, the same year as my first newlywed Christmas. This year as it’s single-digit temperatures we’re looking back on the nearly 50-degree wedding day we shared with Katie and Nathan to think warm thoughts as Christmas nears. (Is global warming on vacation or what?!)

Click the photo above of CLICK HERE to see the extended-play slideshow with music by friend and groomsman Skyler, as well as one of the most upbeat Christmas wedding recessional songs out there.


Two cold December

It’s 2˚ … TWO DEGREES! When you add to that freezing rain and snow you can walk across but not dent because it’s a solid sheet of ice… it’s too cold.

Two cold* for me… stay toasty!

* Note that I understand and enjoy demonstrating the different uses of to, too and two. Saying it’s “two cold” is a play on words using the current temperature. Joys of the English language. Explaining humor may have side effects including but not limited to lame laughs, dull chuckles, sympathy snickers, and general moaning har-har-hars.

I also enjoy the Spansh tu from time to time.